Nadezhda Sagittarius about Orthodoxy: “The Church should stimulate to join its ranks, and not reject people”


    Nadezhda Sagittarius about Orthodoxy: "The Church should stimulate to join its ranks, not to reject people"

    Nadezhda Sagittarius

    Journalist Nadezhda Sagittarius published a telegram post in which she shared her thoughts on religion. The recent experience of the baptism of her son Peter prompted her to such thoughts.

    Today we baptized our youngest son Petya. There were many difficulties — organizing a child's christening became very difficult. We baptized Plato more than six years ago — chose the church you liked, agreed on a date, and on the appointed day everything took place. But in recent years, the patriarch has made major changes — now the path to the sacrament goes through numerous meetings with the priest, the so-called “interviews”. We went through three such meetings for 2.5—3 hours in full force — parents and godparents.

    One meeting was devoted to the introduction to Orthodoxy, the second — sin, the third — communion. When we found out that these meetings were not enough for the priest, we were forced to find another, as this completely demoralized us. I know that I will now be criticized, so I want to separately note that for me baptism is not just a beautiful ceremony. I had no desire to shirk and circumvent the system, but the extremely demanding priest did not evoke a response, did not seem like a sincere person. As a result, we found our father, who treated us very warmly — and today, finally, after a long and not very easy journey, the rite of baptism of my son took place in a small baptismal house at the church where Chekhov once got married.

    Perhaps I will say an unpopular thing and disappoint someone, but I believe that the Orthodox Church should stimulate to join its ranks, and not reject people; not turn them away from Orthodoxy with a dogmatic approach and prepare them for baptism without excesses,

    — the author of the Sagittarius YouTube channel expressed her opinion.

    Nadezhda Sagittarius about Orthodoxy:

    Baptism of the son of Nadezhda Sagittarius

    Nadezhda Sagittarius on Orthodoxy:

    Nadezhda Sagittarius with her husband

    Nadezhda was married three times. She is raising two sons: seven-year-old Plato from her second husband, whom she divorced almost immediately after the birth of a child, and one and a half year old Peter from businessman Maxim Dergilev. Sagittarius has been married to the boy's father for four years.


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