Naked Zelensky rode a bicycle through the streets of Kiev (video)

The audience has never seen such a Ukrainian showman.

In this original way, the studio “Quarter 95” decided to present to the audience its new product – the second season of the series “Servant of the People”.

This was reported by the TV channel “1 + 1”,
Thus, as part of the comedy’s promotional campaign, a video appeared on the Internet in which Volodymyr Zelensky’s hero travels around Kyiv on a bicycle completely naked.
Remember Andersen’s fairy tale “The King’s New Clothes”, where at the end it turns out that the king is… naked. It was this fairy tale, apparently, that inspired the authors of the series in “Quarter 95”, coming up with a special staged promo for the second season of the series “Servant of the People. From Love to Impeachment” (from October 23 starts on ” 1 + 1 “).

According to the plot of the video, President Holoborodko promises that if his goals are not achieved (namely, the dollar will not cost 8 hryvnia again), he will come to work on a bicycle … completely naked!

It is clear that the dollar did not fall so sharply, and the president had to keep his word. But how did the shooting of naked Zelensky take place in the middle of the metropolis?

“The promo video was filmed at the end of September at VDNH, where, in fact, the serial Presidential Administration is located,” says Irina Pobedonostseva, an eyewitness of the event, development director of the Kvartal 95 studio. “The turnaround and development of the site were scheduled for 7 am. Vladimir Zelensky arrived at the site by 8.00, drank coffee while the group was preparing for filming, and said that he was ready to dress in the frame … That is, to undress …

Naked Zelensky rode a bicycle around Kyiv! How was it filmed?
This is how the directors covered the main advantages of the serial president. Photo: still frame of the video.
The morning was cool, passers-by shivered in jackets, all colleagues were worried that the actor might freeze. But there were more extreme moments in Zelensky’s creative biography. Even during the filming of “The Servant …” he had to run for hours through the forest with a hanging camera (20 kg), hang head down, dive into the cold Dnieper, 15 times the adhesive tape was torn from his mouth.

– Immediately it was necessary to overcome not only the cold, but embarrassment, – continues Irina. – Therefore, until the very moment of shooting, Zelensky was in a warm long terry bathrobe. But when the command “Camera, action!” sounded, Vova took off his dressing gown with a slight elegant movement, got on his bike and drove off …

In parallel with him, a minibus of the 1 + 1 channel was driving, in which the cameraman was sitting and filming this bold scene. She really looked very unusual. Random passers-by stopped in surprise and confusedly tried to understand what was happening. People looked closely: “Is that Zelensky for sure?! Why is he naked?”

“Despite the early morning of a weekday, there were plenty of onlookers at VDNKh, however, the actor rode a bike at high speed, so no one managed to see everything properly,” our eyewitness laughs.

When, in between takes (and there were five!) Zelensky again put on a terry bathrobe, the most daring fans approached him for an autograph or asking him to take a selfie. Vova did not refuse.

I must say that Zelensky is now in excellent physical shape, because he has been playing sports with a coach for quite some time.

But to the main question – was Zelensky wearing anything other than socks and shoes during filming – the production and our eyewitness refused to answer

According to the script, screen president Vasyl Holoborodko promised in an address to the nation to come to work naked if the dollar exchange rate does not fall to eight hryvnias within a day. As you can guess, the next day he had to “keep his word”.

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