Named 4 breeds of cats unsuitable for the elderly


February 18, 2022, 22:05 | Animals

Bad choice.

4 cat breeds unsuitable for the elderly are named

In most cases, a cat is an excellent pet for the elderly. However, breeds such as the Siamese, Abyssinian and Bengal can be difficult for an elderly owner to handle. This is due to increased activity and playfulness of animals, informs Ukr.Media.


Siamese cats are very beautiful, but appearance is not the only criterion when choosing a pet. As you know, this breed is very talkative and energetic. The Siamese cat can be very temperamental and nervous. Taming such a pet can be difficult for an elderly person. At the same time, the animal is often attached to only one family member.


This cat is an extrovert with increased curiosity and love for games. The Abyssinian breed is extremely active and likes to climb high pieces of furniture in the house. The pet has an unusual appearance: long legs and large pointed ears. The animal is often attached to only one person.


A hybrid cat that has wild roots. The Bengal breed is a cross between an Asian leopard cat and a domestic cat. The breed first appeared in 1963. Such an animal is not suitable for elderly people, because it can be more aggressive than other breeds. In addition, the Bengal cat is very active.

Wild cat breed

We are talking about such wild cats as Savannah, Ocelot, serval and caracal. Recently, they are often kept as pets. But without proper upbringing, attention and constant exercises, animals can be distinguished by destructive behavior. Wild cats are more suitable for young and active people than for the elderly.

Which breeds are suitable for the elderly:

  • Maine Coon. A companion cat that has a unique character and is very loving. It can be a loving and loyal friend for an elderly person;
  • Persian. A friendly and relaxed cat breed. Persians like to snuggle up to their owners, they like a quiet environment;
  • Scottish idiom. A loving, gentle and calm breed. She tends to follow her owner from room to room.


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