Named 5 reasons why apples need to eat every day

Doctors called five reasons, according to which apples you need to eat every day. They fill a constant need for vitamin C and improve health.

Названы 5 причин, почему яблоки необходимо есть каждый день

Called fruits contain about 30 very useful minerals and substances, including 150 active ingredients. Two of the largest fruit weighing about 200 g each can cover more than 60% of the daily value. You should give preference to the apples of the orchards in the region of residence of the person, because they have a lot more more useful substances than green plucked and brought from other places. Contained in fruit pectin perfectly heals the intestine, improving the digestion process. Component in the form of soluble fiber capable of collecting the toxins, taking them out.

The fruit of the tree effectively influence the condition of blood vessels and protect from aging the body due to pigments from the group of flavonoids. You must have specified the product constantly, as it prevents the development of various diseases.

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