Named 5 signs of prostate cancer related to urination

Foreign experts presented the 5 signs of prostate cancer that are associated with urination. One of the characters is unbearable sudden desire to go to the toilet.

Названы 5 признаков рака простаты, связанных с мочеиспусканием

The symptoms of this cancer typically occur when a malignant tumor is of considerable size. The disease mostly develops slowly, without letting themselves known for many years. Because cancer drugs do not exist, doctors indicate the importance of recognizing the signs, often ignored. In particular, among the danger signs associated with urination, the weak flow of urine or the need to strain to begin the process, the frequency of trips to the toilet, including the night, feeling like the bladder is not emptied completely, dramatically, the desire to relieve himself appropriately, blood in the urine or semen.

The experts added that the above symptoms can be related to other conditions, for example, to benign prostatic hyperplasia. The national health service in the UK explained on this account that the presence of an enlarged prostate does not mean that the probability of developing cancer becomes higher.

The exact cause of prostate cancer remains unclear, it is believed that there is a connection with age, since in most cases the diagnosis is made in men older than 50 years. This includes family history — the presence of a brother or father who developed disease before 60 years, obesity, a sedentary lifestyle, a diet high in calcium.

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