Named foods that you can eat even at night

Nutritionists have found that certain foods promote relaxation and fast sleep, while the other activates many processes in the body.

Названы продукты, которые можно есть даже на ночь

At night you can use low-calorie foods such as light salads, yogurt and fruit. The publication described that can be eaten before bedtime.

1. Dairy products with low calorie

Special attention should be paid to the yogurt. It is not only useful for digestion but also saturate the body with protein and calcium. A huge plus is the lack of sugar.

2. Fruit

This group of products will not only help satisfy hunger, but will also be a useful alternative to sweets and cakes. Take an Apple, cut it several parts, cut out the core and place in the microwave for 3 minutes. Then fill the Apple with cinnamon and honey.

3. Oatmeal

This porridge is rich in calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium and other substances that promote healthy and restful sleep. Basic rule: do not use sugar.

4. Light salads

Salads perfectly complement the evening diet. Beetroot brownies, carrot-Apple, cabbage, fruit and variations healthy dinner can be set. Most importantly, do not break and do not fill the entire usefulness with mayonnaise or some high-calorie sauce.

5. Meat chicken or Turkey

If you consider yourself an avid meat-eaters, you know that fat piece of pork eaten before bed will cause a lot of resentment and discomfort in your stomach. Prefer baked Turkey or chicken.

6. Nuts

Nutritionists recommend limited to a small number of almonds. The main thing — to know the measure. A few almonds will satisfy your hunger and will enrich the body with magnesium and b vitamins.

7. Crackers

Lovers of sandwiches should know that the bread heavy load settles in our gut. So in the evening should give preference to crackers from wheat flour.

8. Herbal tea

To diversify the evening diet, complement your meal with a Cup of fragrant herbal tea. These teas have a calming effect, relax and help you fall asleep quickly.

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