Named ways to reduce the harm from the presence of a large quantity of sweets in the diet

The experts gave recommendations about how to reduce the harm from the presence in the human diet a large quantity of sweets. Abuse treats faces a number of serious health problems.

Названы способы снизить вред от наличия большого количества сладкого в рационе

After eating the sweet, you must restore balance blood sugar. For this purpose, it is preferable to stop the choice on foods containing healthy fats, proteins and fibers, recommends dietitian Desiree Nielsen. For example, immediately after sweets you can eat avocados, sunflower seeds or lentils. A useful step will be the combination of fiber and large amounts of water. This makes it possible to provide cleansing of the digestive tract, reducing appetite.

It is equally important to lean and the products possessing anti-inflammatory properties. The corresponding effect provide berries, cruciferous vegetables, turmeric, ginger and flax seeds. Soothe the stomach really due to green vegetables or foods with a bitter, including celery.

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