Nastya Kamensky emotionally commented on the victory on M1 Music Awards

Nastya Kamenskih, which was the first among Ukrainian artists came to an international level and conquered Latin America, the second year in a row named “Singer of the year” by the major country music awards M1 Music Awards. In addition, the singer also received a statuette in the category “Chervona Ruta” in cooperation with radio station “Russian radio Ukraine”.

Настя Каменских эмоционально прокомментировала победу на M1 Music Awards

“I am eternally grateful to my big NKfamily my team NICE2CU and every listener, because it is our common victory. Together we have won this award here, together we have conquered Latin America and radio charts not only in Ukraine, but in the US, Canada and Mexico. And we still have a lot ahead”, — emotionally commented on the victory of the singer.

The ceremony M1 NK Music Awards, opened a Grand and spectacular performance “Elefante” with unpredictable ending — orchestral version of the song “Obsahu” in three languages. On the stage one after another came to life locations from the clip “Elefante” and the artist for the performance was changed a few images. Love yourself truly is a modern trend, but its large-scale extravaganza NK, the cosmopolitan, which brings together culture, encourages everyone to respect the diversity of the world and love yourself for who you are.

“The diversity of the world captures me. I am familiar with many cultures, after all, born in Ukraine, grew up in Italy, toured a lot and now actually live on two continents. And now I am convinced that to maintain this diversity can only love himself. Promise to be unique and to love themselves,” added NK.

The room idea is reflected in the choice of the dancers together with Nastya in the performance was attended by 15 artists, radically different in character and genre in which to work. The room is striking not only for its entertainment, but by the scope of work. The scenery and setting were preparing for two months. The same time sewed technologically elaborate costumes. For the manufacture of only one of images NK has spent nearly 400 meters of tulle. Over the choreography of the numbers worked Oleg Zhezhel, and scenery created by Alexei Obertynski. Director of rooms — Herman Nenov.

By the way, even the appearance of NK on the red carpet M1 Music Awards amazed by the performance: superstar appeared in an updated way Pantera Negra accompanied by unusual characters in bright costumes with animal print and technological glasses with the initials NK. Another highlight of the image became a mask artist in the form of a Panther, the agility which can be compared with the blazing success of the artist in Latin America.

Настя Каменских эмоционально прокомментировала победу на M1 Music Awards

Nastya Kamensky opens Ukraine to the world. Your track “Elefante” in which Latin rhythms merged with the Ukrainian sopilka, she has presented in Mexico, where she was invited after the furore of the track “Peligroso”. Now “Elefante” reached the top of the hit parade radio in the USA, Canada and Mexico SiriusXM Venus. In addition, the song sounds on Board the aircraft, American airlines and JetBlue on the popular iHeart radio. It is worth noting that the video for the song just a few weeks gained almost 13 million views.

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