Nastya Kamensky named “Singer of the year” by musical award M1 Music Awards

The singer appeared on the red carpet in a spicy way

Настя Каменских признана «Певицей года» по версии музыкальной премии M1 Music Awards

On Saturday, November 30 at the Sports Palace in Kiev has died down main musical event of the year award “M1 Music Awards. Five.” The event was attended by the cream of Ukrainian show-business, many of them also went out that night on stage, and the organizers said the award-winning achievements of performers in 10 categories. Nastya Kamensky was awarded in two nominations.

The singer for the second year in a row named “Singer of the year” by musical award M1 Music Awards. In addition, she also received a statuette in the category “Chervona Ruta” in cooperation with radio station “Russian radio Ukraine”.

Nastya made a splash with his appearance on the red carpet — the actress posed in a slinky black dress with a spicy cleavage thigh — where, by the way, no visible underwear. Star complements its seductive bow detail interesting – half of her face concealed by the mask of a Panther.

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And was accompanied by her dancers in the images of the leopard and Python, the heads of which are adorned with neon signs that says NK.

On his page in Instagram the happy singer shared a vivid photo with the figurine in this picture Nastya recorded in a satin dress of emerald color. Right from the awards ceremony, the artist went on a live broadcast of the X Factor, where it is one of the superstar coaches.

In the caption the singer has shared his emotions.

“@m1ukraine TSE Bulo something neimovirna! DW nagaradi the other year popl “Space rock”! I bezmezhny vdiachna their great #NKfamily, moï COMAND #NICE2CU that skin sluchaev, adzhe TSE our connects this event with his victory. Mi time was otrimali Qiu nagareda here we are together pacorini Latinsko America that reducate not only in Ukraine, and the United States, Canad Mexic. I in us shte bagato poperedu. TSE Bulo driving I neimovirna!” — wrote the artist.

Of course, in the comments she was bombarded with congratulations on the victory.

  • Nastya you’re really Good) you have it all zasluzila)))
  • Congratulations! You big umnichka!
  • Vitayu VI Krama, nastupna hi bude Satna Gram
  • Congratulations on the award!!!She You big umnichka!!!I wish You success.thank You from Ukraine!!!
  • I congratulate You on nagradoj You deserve it
  • Congratulations!!! You are a true dream team! @realpotap
  • You are incredible, I wish you the big creative successes. Raduyte us further fantastic songs
  • Gorgeous!
  • Vitayu! Nastya — year-nepravishta, nadzvychaina talanovito I just Krasunya!!!
  • Really cool. TSI nagaradi zasluzan
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