Natalia Mogilevskaya leaked, that I will support her at the new year concert

Natalia conceals a new novel, but fans have been guessing

Наталья Могилевская проговорилась, что любимый поддержит её на новогоднем концерте

Already December 4 at the Palace “Ukraine” will be shooting a big concert — “Nich supertv” which channel “1+1” will show in the new year holidays. At one stage, going to the most popular stars of Ukrainian show business, who will perform his most vivid hits of 2019. Recently it became known that the artists will be joined by singer Natalia Mogilev, which is at the new year concert of his biggest hit this year was “Pochala”.

Have pakkala” is the main song of my autumn, who was born unexpectedly in the Studio, at first I thought she was going to be about my mother, because these are the first words of the text. But the answer came by itself — I realized that the track that I loved, and just two weeks after it was written into my life came love. So that’s what I will do on the big Christmas concert “Nich supertv”, let you in on a little secret — I still play the piano“—said Natalia Mogilevskaya.

Also, the singer intrigued, progovarivat that her beloved one will appear on the concert: “I keep in secret his lover, but he would come to the concert to support me in this important evening“.

Natalia said that several years ago she had an interesting new year tradition: “I’m at work on stage and for me the fact that December 31 — the New year is not a big deal. Before 30 November, we gathered with friends, with all the Ukrainian party, and made amazing new year’s celebration. We became a touring artists, because each of us 31 Dec works“.

Recall that this summer, Natalia Mogilev attributed an affair with a Ukrainian Opera singer Alexander Tsymbalyuk. Artists were often spotted together, they also spent time on a yacht with friends. Summer Natalia and Alexander introduced the first duet song “Stereodan”, performed during a concert at the “seaport” in Odessa. The pair did not hide his feelings on stage! Fans noticed how tenderly Natalia and Alexander looked at each other and hugged on stage. And in the final singer Mogilev carefully put on his jacket.

Also, viewers are waiting for the dynamic rhythms of the group “Time and Glass”, a romantic hit from Oleg winnick, will ignite the stage popular band the HARDKISS, the famous Ukrainian singer NK will give the Ukrainian-Latin-American motives, the group DZIDZIO will bring a lot of laughter and humor. Prima ballerina of the National Opera of Ukraine, the judge “s Tancu with a stars” Kateryna Kuhar and Prime Minister Alexander Stoyanov will bring on stage the Christmas ballet fairy tale. The production of the project will be managed by the creators of the most popular show “Dances with stars z” and “Golos Krainy” — a team of large entertainment projects, “1+1 Production” under the leadership of Vladimir Zawaduk and Directors-Directors will be Natalia Lysenkova, Natalia Rovnenskaya and Maria Grigorashenko whose part of a performance for the popular American artist Pink has caused a global furor.

To see the bright new year show “Nich supertv” live by purchasing tickets for the concert, which will take place on 4 December in the Palace “Ukraine”. Hurry, tickets have very little. And the TV version will be shown on air of TV channel “1+1” for the holidays.

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