Natalia Szroeder did not bite her tongue. He honestly talks about the church and Polish Television

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What does Natalia Szroeder think about the church and TVP?

Natalia Szroeder did not bite her tongue. She speaks honestly about the church and Polish Television

According to the “Pomponik” portal, Natalia Szroeder gave an interview in which ;rym revealed what she thinks about TVP and the Church. The artist did not bite her tongue, pointing out the mistakes of both institutions. Get to know the details!

Natalia Szroeder sharply about TVP

Natalia Szroeder is famous for not being very willing to be in the media. Recently, however, she made an exception and gave an interview for “Wprost”. She decided to tell her what she thinks about the activities of Public Television. She emphasized that she completely disagrees with the values ​​promoted by TVP.

She admitted that it was “unimaginable and unacceptable” for her to perform at a concert organized by TVP, because even if nothing bad was said during it, after it “one says much more and aggressively”. And willy-nilly, every artist performing at the station signs its actions with his face.

About God and the Church

TVP is not the only institution on which Natalia Szroeder decided to speak. The artist does not hide the fact that she was brought up in the Christian tradition, but like Dawid Podsiadło, she is unable to accept the way the Church and its hierarchs function.

Szroeder emphasized that she is still a believer and that faith in God brings her a lot of peace, but unfortunately she cannot calmly look at how the Church works and ignore the fact that she often shows a lack of reaction.

“We went to church until we grew up,” added the artist bitterly.

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