Natalya Sindeeva spoke about the restart of “Rain” *, personal life and not only


    Natalia Sindeeva spoke about the restart of

    Natalia Sindeeva

    Media manager and founder of the Dozhd TV channel* Natalya Sindeeva gave an interview to the founder of the Kholod publication Taisiya Bekbulatova**, in which she spoke about women — Russian media leaders, faith in Dmitry Medvedev, personal life and more. Spletnik has collected interesting quotes.

    About the restart of “Rain”

    We got a license in Riga, opened a company and make studios. It turned out to be hellishly difficult, because we are creating a TV channel from scratch. We will have several launch phases. We will start on our YouTube channel, but the big, serious launch, I think, will still be in the fall, because we want to build a studio, scenery. Everyone is tired of sitting and working on their knees in streams. Therefore, I think there will be several starts, and I hope that our audience will understand and forgive us that we will not be 24/7 from the first day. The company will be one — European, but there will be branches in different countries.

    I realized that I would have nothing else to do. So I will return to Moscow (these are friends, this is home, this is land, I never wanted to go anywhere), for the first few months I will even get high, I will dance tango, and then what? I won’t be able to do what I’ve been doing for the last 20 years, I won’t be able to do media, and I’m not ready to do anything else.

    About shame

    I have no shame, I proudly say that I am from Russia. And I keep saying that Putin — this is not Russia, people — it's not Putin. And it is not the Russian people who are bombing Ukraine, although many Ukrainians think otherwise. They have the right to think so, but I tried my best to do everything I could. I have no shame — I have pain.

    About how Natalia's family lives now

    Four months of traveling with suitcases. I plan to live in Amsterdam for a year — there will also be a “Rain” hub. If I lived in Riga or in Georgia, I definitely would not have learned English. And so — challenge: come on, life told you that you should do it. The son entered the University of Amsterdam, so we will already be together. My daughter will stay to study in Austria, as she studied.

    About the divorce from entrepreneur Alexander Vinokurov

    Sasha and I have an excellent relationship. We divorced, I have my own life, he has — its. But we are very close, we support each other, so there is no such problem.

    Maybe I'm ready for a new romance. As always, you sublime in your work, so you don’t have time to think about it. But I think so.

    Natalia Sindeeva spoke about the restart of

    On Media Objectivity

    We have always maintained our position. And now we are definitely on the side of good, not evil. But, of course, we will try very hard to build a dialogue — not only with the people I talked about, but also with people who are in power. They will now tell me: how can one be in dialogue with criminals? In some cases — need. And with those who completely sold their souls to the devil, — impossible.

    About women leaders of Russian media

    This business — a difficult story, because there are a lot of external things: reputation and a toxic competitive environment. It is built on bright people and characters. There may be many female leaders because they have this maternal desire to preserve and protect their own. I know for sure that a boy in my place would have closed all this a long time ago, written off all the losses, and moved on. I couldn’t do this, because for me it’s like a child whom I gave birth in pain, then raised in agony, and as soon as he began to raise his head, something happens to him again. 

    < b>About faith in Dmitry Medvedev

    Once I believed that he would be the new leader, and there would be a turn towards democracy. At that moment it was, and then I was disappointed. Then it was sincere. The most striking example — Victory Day, the leaders of all countries came to us. He wanted to open up to this world, carried out reforms (related to the judicial system, for example). Then there was a feeling of a thaw, that now everything will finally be fine.

    About life after 50

    I feel like 35. Age — it's a matter of your feeling. On the one hand, I definitely have 35-40 years of active life. You are no longer a child, not a teenager, you are already a mature person, wise in some matters. Another thing — it's hard to fight physiology, keep yourself in shape… I didn't sleep at night — it immediately shows up on your face. There are some unpleasant moments, but in general you can live with them.

    * “Rain” is recognized by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation as a media outlet, performing the function of a foreign agent

    * * Taisiya Bekbulatova is recognized by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation as a media outlet acting as a foreign agent


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