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National Assembly: what composition after the second round ?

ASSEMBLED. The French finish electing their deputies this Sunday, during the second round of the legislative elections. What configuration will the National Assembly take??

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Majority relative or absolute for the National Rally ? Progression à left ? Macronist rout ? At the end of the second round of the 2024 legislative elections, the French will know the composition of the new Assembly & national. After Emmanuel Macron's surprise decision to dissolve the lower house of Parliament, voters were' summoned to the polls to re-elect their deputies. 577 seats were available. fill in the first round, June 30. 101 constituencies organized a second round on Sunday. For what result ?

The results of the vote will not be known before 8 p.m. But given the results of the first round, only one side seemed capable of obtaining a majority. absolute: that of the National Rally. Except that his adversaries did everything to prevent him: 129 candidates from the New Popular Front qualified in the second round agreed to participate. withdraw from the race to favor the victory of a candidate other than RN. 81 candidates from the presidential coalition did the same, as well as two LR candidates. A Republican front strategy which could favor a recomposition into three blocs the National Assembly, none of which would have a majority absolute.

What projections for the new National Assembly ?

76 deputies were elected. More from the first round: 39 for the National Rally, 32 for the New Popular Front, one for Renaissance, one for Les Républicains and three various right-wing parties. For the rest, the polls published between the first round of the legislative elections and the end of the official campaign gave the advantage to the RN: the Ipsos Talan barometer allocated ;nbsp;between 230 and 280 seats in the far-right party and his allies.

The New Popular Front was allocated between 125 and 165, the presidential coalition between 70 and 100. LR retained between 41 and 61, while various left-wing candidates obtained between 11 and 19. Finally, between 22 and 30 seats returned to other candidates. Let us remember that a survey is only a snapshot of a population of voters with a wide range of options. at a moment t and in no way prejudges the results of the vote, revealed after 8 p.m.


Who will be the deputies of the new National Assembly ?

As a result of the lightning campaign, a historically high number of outgoing MPs stood for election. their own re-election: there were 532 in the first round, to which must be added 22 ministers in office, having won the election. a seat in 2022 before withdrawing in favor of their replacement. Only 23 parliamentarians had decided to withdraw, 15 of whom sat in the majority. presidential election. In 2022, 136 outgoing MPs had not been elected. reinvested.

76 deputies are already in office. guaranteed to find a seat at your destination. the end of the first round. Among them, many well-known figures from the different parties: Marine Le Pen and Sébastien Chenu for the National Rally, Mathilde Panot, Clémence Guetté,  Manuel Bompard for La France insoumise, Olivier Faure for the Socialist Party, Sandrine Rousseau for the environmentalists, or even Philippe Juvin for the Republicans.

What was the composition of the National Assembly since 2022 ?

The legislative elections of June 12 and 19, 2022 had renewed the composition of the National Assembly in an unprecedented way: although re-elected president of the R' Publicly a few weeks earlier, in April 2022, Emmanuel Macron found himself in danger. private majority absolute in the lower house of Parliament. The majority presidential election (Renaissance ex-LREM, MoDem, Horizons) had thus lost around a hundred deputies compared to the previous mandate, to arrive at 250 seats, while the majority absolute is fixed at 289.

In this new Assembly, the opposition was therefore placed in a position of strength, although it was very strong. egraves divided. The left had started to fight. this 16th legislature of the Fifth Republic with 141 seats in the Chamber, thanks to a historic coalition, the New Popular Ecological and Social Union (Nupes). The National Rally had never been held before. as powerful for its part à the Assembly, with 89 deputies. The Republicans, on the other hand, had signed a clear decline compared to & the previous legislature, going from 101 & 62 seats.$

Among the 577 outgoing MPs, 533 are currently running for re-election. It is therefore a match of outgoing candidates against new candidates which begins. Here is the list of deputies who made up the National Assembly, intended for be significantly renewed.


Among the highlights of the 16th legislature, which officially began on June 28, 2022, the National Assembly had elected its first The first female president, Yaël Braun-Pivet. Six vice-presidents had been appointed. over the following days, two of which were from the majority presidential election, two from Nupes and two from the National Rally. The majority presidential office had also obtained two positions of quaestors, the last having gone to the deputy LR Eric Ciotti. Of the eight permanent committees of the Assembly, seven had logically found their presidents from among the deputies of the majority coalition. The eighth, the coveted Finance Committee, which is traditionally chaired by a member of Parliament. of the opposition, had elected to his head the deputy of rebellious France.

All surveys cited and commented on in this article have been verified. published before the reserve period which began Friday July 5 & midnight. As a reminder, article 11 of the law of July 19, 1977 relating to publication and &agrav; the dissemination of certain opinion polls prohibits the publication of a new poll, but "does not prevent or hinder the publication of a new poll; the continuation of the dissemination of polls published before the day before each election nor the commentary on these polls, é provided that the date of first publication or broadcast, the media which published or broadcast them and the organization which published them are indicated madeéquot;.

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