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NATO membership application submitted a month ago – “This is the world picture Putin is building”

In the eyes of the EU, Turkey has sunk deeper and deeper into the swamp, says the Finnish mayor. Finland and Sweden handed over their NATO application in Brussels to Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg on 18 May. [email protected] at 19:59

  • The majority of Finnish MEPs met by Iltalehti in June believe that Finland's NATO membership will be accepted within a reasonable timeframe. However, not everyone is happy.
  • The strong Finnish army has received positive attention.
  • Has the EU itself taught Turkey to trade and milk in the evening?

The NATO path in Finland and Sweden has become more bumpy in the early summer. The negative attitude of Turkey, which has become a challenge, is also taken seriously in the European Parliament. However, the situation does not seem to cause much concern for most Finnish MEPs.

– I am no more worried about it than I was when I heard their negative position for the first time. The ball is now completely on the Turkish side of the field, says Petri Sarvamaa (kok).

“It's disgusting to be a pawn, of course, but the situation itself isn't a concern,” says Miapetra Kumpula-Natri (sd.) > (ps.) believes that Finland should have joined NATO in the 1990s instead of the EU. However, he is not happy about the application for NATO membership submitted to Brussels this spring. He describes the NATO debate in Finland this spring as one-sided, allowing only one opinion.

– We should have been told more clearly about the alternative scenarios. My assistants warned me in advance that Turkey would not accept our membership. In the situation we are now in, Finland can do quite a bit more.

Despite the challenging situation, the majority of Finnish MEPs meeting with Iltalehti in Strasbourg are confident that the situation will be resolved within a reasonable timeframe. Finland and Sweden have received support on a broad front.

– Of the several EU member states in NATO, Turkey has been in contact at the highest possible level, says Sarvamaa.

Elsi Katainen .) does not think there is any cause for greater concern. He highlights the Finnish Defense Forces, which have also received positive attention in Parliament's corridors.

– The strength of our army arouses admiration. I think that Finland has been hit in the NATO process and there are no valid grounds for our accusation.

 NATO's application was submitted a month ago & ndash; /></p><p> The strong Finnish army has received positive attention. Jenni Gästgivar</p><p class = NATO and the European Union will be strengthened together, says MEP Heidi Hautala (green). He thinks it would be good for all EU countries to be members of NATO as well.

– I still don't think there will be applications from four non-NATO EU countries in the near future.

Turkey Positive

Negotiations with Turkey on possible EU membership have been going on for decades. However, due to the deteriorating human rights situation in Turkey in recent years, the Union has put the negotiations on an iceberg. Mauri Pekkarinen (center) highlights the remaining € 8 billion in grants to Turkey to improve Turkey's readiness to be a valid EU member in due course.

– Yes, there is very strong criticism here of Turkey's actions, and many are questioning these subsidies to Turkey. I understand them, although I am not calling for them to be frozen now.

Nils Torvalds (r) Does not believe that abandoning the pre-accession negotiations and the money around them would improve the situation. not at all.

– The state of negotiations with Turkey has been tense for a long time. This is particularly the case with the refugee issue, where the EU has been criticized for buying its own responsibility for refugees by paying Turkey. One could say that we in the EU have taught Turkey to do such trade and milking in the evening.

It is now up to Turkey to start accession talks on Finland's NATO membership. The attitude of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has not seemed positive in recent weeks. AOP

Katainen describes the fact that Turkey is sinking deeper into the swamp in the eyes of the EU, and that its actions are exacerbated within the Union.

– Turkey's possible membership will only cause more and more distortions. Of course, there are still some connections.

Finland is one of the countries that has wanted to maintain negotiating relations with Turkey. According to Kumpula-Natri, Finland has in the past been accused from time to time of too much understanding and fellowship with Turkey.

– In that way, it seems disappointing at the moment, when we were first accused of being too pro-Turkey, and now that we need that good relationship with Turkey, a cold rag is coming. The Turkish side does not now seem to value any work for a long time in favor of good bilateral relations.

European NATO

Heidi Hautala raises the issue of autocracy.

– The nature of autocrats is such that they are unreliable. If something could be done about it, then we would not have this problem. The name of the drug is democracy. Putin , Orbán and Erdoğan are in the same country. They have their own laws and they follow them as they please.

However, Nils Torvalds believes that despite all the recent challenges, NATO's doors will remain open. This is also important if, at some point, the United States decides to turn its attention away from Europe.

– The creation of a European NATO from existing timber is ahead of us. Austria will certainly turn around like Sweden at some point. As for Finland, opinions changed because the Finns felt that the current crisis was like Winter War 2.0. The same cheeky lies and the same senseless attack.

Heidi Hautala (Greens) thinks it would be good for all EU countries to be members of NATO as well. AOP

In the current issue of Turkey, moderation remains a trump card. This is Finland's future ally.

– You have to go through the requirements of Turkey and make it clear to yourself where the red line goes that is not crossed. Then let's see if things are negotiable, and I think they are, says Sarvamaa.

Turkey has the strongest army of any European NATO country. This fact, combined with its geopolitical location, says a great deal about its importance for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

Laura Huhtasaari states that Germany once outsourced its defense to NATO. Nils Torvalds opens up Germany's role in NATO in more detail. He points out that the pacifist thinking behind the security policy decisions made by the Germans, reflecting the country's history, is understandable but not without problems.

– Of course, in terms of security policy, it is an unworthy way of thinking. If we look at the vulnerabilities of European NATO, then in the case of Germany, for example, it has been said that less than a third of airplanes and tanks are in serviceable condition. So they haven't really done their part.

Finally, Kumpula-Natri regrets that Europe seems to be going back decades.

– Yes, this worldview built by Putin is miserable. We are talking about joining a defense alliance and there it is being painted as a threat to them. Fortunately, our partner countries and the EU's largest NATO countries have promised to keep Finland alongside them.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg received applications from Finland and Sweden on 18 May. AOP/EPAUnkarin Orbán flies to Russia – Finnish MEPs fight 15.6. 16:00 US Senate begins consideration of Finnish and Swedish NATO applications16.6. 0: 05Editional: Erdoğan will finally be the tennis ball of his bazaar16.6. 18:33Analysis: The United States and NATO are now resolving the Turkish deadlock in order for Finland to become a member of NATO16.6. 9:45 US Ambassador to Finland: Finland's NATO membership can be ratified by August 16th. 19:30

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