NATO must resist the ‘huge scale’ of the cyber threat from Russia, declared the US Secretary of state (PHOTO)

NATO countries must be prepared to counter the cyber threat from Russia, which has a huge scale. With this statement issued on Monday, U.S. Secretary of state Michael Pompeo, speaking at the University of Louisville in Kentucky, reports TASS.

“It [NATO] was created to deal with the Soviet Union, he said. – Soviet Union is no more, Russia remains. But the nature of the threat from Russia has also changed, now she has a massive component in cybersphere. We need to ensure that NATO is prepared to confront this challenge”.

According to Pompeo, China “also represents for NATO an enormous threat.” The Chinese are “secretly trying to infiltrate the NATO system, communication channels and intercept technology.” “They are ready to do it all to amplify at the expense of our transatlantic partners. NATO must be prepared for it,” added Pompeo.

Statement of Michael Pompeo came on the eve of the anniversary NATO summit, which will take place 3-4 December in London. The main topics of the meeting will be questions of European security, the strengthening of NATO forces in the Baltic region, as well as military threats from Russia, writes “the parliamentary newspaper”.

Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov said that the Russian side has repeatedly tried to establish international cooperation to tackle cybercrime, but U.S. partners allegedly never responded to these proposals. According to him, Moscow has many times drawn attention to the fact that cyber attacks from abroad have been and continue to be strategically important sector of Russian economy. Peskov said that relevant departments RF lead with this constant struggle.

A senior source in the office of the Chancellor said that the final communiqué of the NATO summit in London will be the statement and Russia. “This is not the usual long communiqué at the summit with statements on other political issues, thematic clusters NATO, but will the so-called London Declaration, a short two pages, the commitment to the transatlantic partnership… There is a statement in Russia along the lines of “deterrence and dialogue”, which has long operated within the framework of NATO against Russia”, – said the source. His words leads RIA “Novosti”.

Earlier, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that the planned December 3-4 in London a meeting of leaders of NATO countries, expected to raise the question of coordination of policy towards Russia and the situation after the collapse of the Treaty on the elimination of intermediate and shorter-range missiles (INF Treaty).

The reaction in SF

The head of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Konstantin Kosachev sees nothing new in the intention of the countries-members of NATO emphasized in the outcome document at the upcoming December 3-4 summit in London the willingness to continue the policy of “deterrence and dialogue” with Russia. He believes this is the “base reflex” of the Alliance.
Of intent to adopt such a document at the summit to journalists on Monday has informed a source in the German government.

“In principle, nothing new in this – it is this logic in words, the Alliance adheres to the last 5 years. In words – because in fact it turns out not intimidation. And dialogue, but rather monologue through intimidation, which, in turn, replaced the old logic of NATO after the cold war, “to listen but not hear”, – Kosachev told TASS on Monday.

He believes that such statements by NATO on Russia you need to look primarily in the context of the situation in the Alliance, which is far from ideal. “The latest survey of the analytical center of the European Council on foreign relations shows that among the EU citizens support the US fell to a record low. And in case of conflict between the US and Russia from 53 to 85% of Europeans surveyed do not want to take sides, and in Germany only 22% of Germans would like to stay under the protection of American nuclear weapons at the same time for closer relations with Russia was made by 66%”, – stated the head of the international Committee of the Federation Council.

According to the MP, no better than the situation at the highest level. In particular, the President of the United States Donald trump says about the intention to reduce the U.S. contribution to the defense budget, NATO, Turkey conducted a military operation in Syria, criticized by the allies, and the President of France Emmanuel macron said that “the brain NATO” is dead.

“What makes the body with a dead brain? Some time obeys reflexes. Basic reflex of NATO just linked with Russia. This is his main brace and proven tool for overcoming differences and in General to justify the existence of NATO itself in the post-bipolar era”, – said Kosachev.

He is sure that the more problems inside the Alliance, the more words about Russia, it’s “the reflex, entirely replace the thought process.”

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