NATO talks about “weakness” in Putin

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Ukrainian War: Political scientist Francis Fukuyama speaks of an “imminent turn”

NATO talks about “weakness” in Putin

Continue< strong>the war between Ukraine and Russia and the consequent attrition on both sides, in proportions that make very clear the erroneous plans of the Kremlin, which did not foresee intense Ukrainian resistance nor So the conflict could drag on as long as it is now. making. And with the passage of time, the “weakness” of the Russian president, Vladímir Putin, as highlighted by NATO.

like this This was highlighted by the president of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Atlantic Alliance, Gerald E. Connolly, and the vice president of this body and socialist deputy, Zaida Cantero, within the framework of the 68th annual meeting. Both have stressed that Putin “has not dared to cross the NATO border.” and kyiv can only have “one final point” The time will come when the war crimes being committed are tried. 

Connolly has instilled Putin's fear of NATO and has He was compared to Adolf Hitler during the Second World War, when his territorial expansion met no challenge. initial opposition, while the Russian president “has not dared to cross the NATO border”.