Naval battles, temporal romance and kung foot ignite Filmo in June!

Need to refresh your eyes after the heat wave? Don't worry, Filmo has a film festival in store for its subscribers, with football, love and big boats.

The curious would do well to try out a 14-day free trial, after which it will cost them 6.99 euros per month, to lay your eyes on one of the most attractive catalogs available in France. Blockbusters, nuggets, rare films, unexpected genres or forgotten gems from brilliant directors, you can find everything on Filmo.

The proof with a selection of four films as different as they are mind-boggling, which will make the platform's heyday in June. On the program: spinning rather than stopped kicks thanks to Stephen Chow, a story of love and time travel as only the English are doomed to tell, but also a maritime epic epic, whose scale and evocative power remain almost unmatched to this day.

And because life is good, know that if you use the code ELFILMO, you will benefit from two months free (if you activate it before June 30, 2022).< /p> SHAOLIN SOCCER

A football film with kung fu, that promised a regressive spectacle based on anything, a beautiful recreation in short. Except that when Stephen Show is in charge, the big turbo-silly delirium takes on a whole new dimension. Rarely have we seen a film with such obvious ambition, afford the luxury of marrying so many influences; seemingly contradictory, to transcend them all and offer its audience a total show, instantly accessible, despite an incredibly pronounced richness, profusion of effects and cinephilia.< /p>

Because the director is not content to make us laugh by hybridizing the codes of sports narrative with that of martial arts cinema, any more than he diminishes this mixture by sprinkling it with comedy. Besides, the humorous impact of Shaolin Soccer comes precisely from the fact that the gags or outrages are never intended to diminish the credibility of the whole. On the contrary, the irresistible fantasy that emanates from this initiatory fable is further enhanced by the gentle madness of its creator. And by dint of frenzied matches, Chow recalls that the first strength of his feature film lies in his cinematic virtuosity, which manages to marry the DNA of the Shaw Brothers and the poetry of a Buster Keaton .


< p style="text-align: justify;">Is the ability to travel in time the promise of a perfect love life, because it can be remodeled ad infinitum, or a curse locking its holders in an unstable reality? This is what the young and idealistic Tim will discover after his father reveals to him the supernatural hidden talent of the men of his line. From this seductive starting point, Richard Curtis draws the ball of what remains today a real lesson in writing, a summary of execution of British comedy. Director of public and/or critical hits such as Love actually or Good Morning England, Curtis is also one of Britain's most accomplished screenwriters.

And we feel it here, so impressive is the experience of this distinguished storyteller. Without spilling or enamored repetition of his past successes, but without either turning into a Back to the Future of Love, his romantic tale is a wonderful reflection on what founds and nourishes the love we have for those and those we choose. Another happiness, the film is carried by a trio of actors in weightlessness. We had rarely known Rachel McAdams so disarmingly natural, while Domhnall Gleeson appears with all the awkward grace that we know him, all under the mischievous patronage of Bill Nighy, who over the years has become a kind of protean good fairy of cinema Anglo-Saxon.


You like epic frescoes, those that smell of sea spray, retracing the sometimes irretrievable adventures of explorers, corsairs, pirates or naturalists who crisscrossed the vast world, in search of a less ordinary life, or unparalleled fortune ? So maybe the Pirates of the Caribbean saga and its digital action scenes left you cold? Fortunately, Australian Peter Weir has staged a masterpiece of its kind, whose spectacular dimensions and symbolic significance combine to pay an irresistible tribute to men who have always taken to the sea.

Structured around the tension that unites a military-trained captain and a scientist who has set out to explore the vast world, Master and Commander is an ode to commitment and courage, whose filming, in extreme conditions, on an extremely convincing reconstructed ship, gave the film strong>the intensity that made it an instant classic. Add to this that from Picnic at Hanging Rock to The Truman Show, the filmmaker has always been able to bring to life audacious sets, populated by characters with psychological with rare precision. A tour de force which is not for nothing in the success of this maritime fresco.

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