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NBA Draft: Zaccharie Risacher and Alex Sarr at the top, a historic draft for the French!

During the night, the 2024 NBA draft was crowned two Frenchmen in the first two positions. Zacharie Risacher, who thus succeeds; Victor Wembanyama draft&eac; last year, and Alexandre Sarr joined the world elite…

We expected it, it’s done and it’s historic. The 2024 NBA draft, which was held on the night of June 26 to 27 at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, placed two Frenchmen in the first two positions: Zaccharie Risacher and Alexandre Sarr. selected in first position in this 2024 draft by the Atlanta Hawks. It follows thus   Victor Wembanyama. "I'm so honored&eac;. It's super exciting. There are a lot of emotions. It's a blessing. All the work I have had to do provide, all these years… I don’t know what to say,” he confided. in the euphoria of the American sports media ESPN.

Alexandre Sarr for his part was chosen by the Washington Wizards. This is the first time in history that two French people have been selected for the first two places in the & quot;big league.quot;. This is also the first time that a nation other than the United States has taken the first two places.

The draft, a dream gateway to the NBA

Every year, the best young people from around the world register to be selected by one of the thirty teams of the National Basketball Association (NBA), the largest and legendary basketball league in the world. Continued à the lottery which awardedé The choices on May 12 were the Atlanta Hawks who had inherited the title. of the privilege of choosing their future player first, ahead of Washington, Houston and the San Antonio Spurs.

À a few hours before the ceremony, Zaccharie Risacher held the rope to succeed Victor Wembanyama as number one in the draft. His winger profile, long, athletic and efficient in shooting had hit the target. has been in the eye of the Hawks for months, but also of many other teams. 

Zaccharie Risacher à Atlanta, Alexandre Sarr à Washington

For Alexandre Sarr, Washington certainly could not pass up his 4-5 position profile of 2.13m with a real impact in defense which perfectly meets the needs of ;needs of its workforce. It was said before the draft that the Wizards could even deal with Atlanta to move up to number one in the draft in case; another team would be tempted to recover the player from Perth, Australia, ahead of the capital franchise.

Two other French people were also arrested. selected in this first round of the 2024 draft. In sixth position, the Charlotte Hornets chose Cholet winger Tidjane Salaün, while that Pacôme Dadiet lands at New York, with the Knicks ù he will have to make his place in Tom Tibodeau's rotation.

Bronny James will have to wait

It was one of the other curiosities of this cuv rookies 2024. LeBron James' son was a project time&eac; in the first round of the draft, but his average season in the NCAA got the better of the ambitions of the young 19-year-old leader. Its performances, associated with A heart attack he suffered a little less than a year ago caused Bronny James to slip beyond the pale. of the top 30. He could still be selected. this Thursday, June 27 in the second round.

Here is the full first round of this 2024 draft.

The table for the 2024 NBA draft

  1. Atlanta Hawks : Zaccharie Risacher (FR)
  2. Washington Wizards: Alexandre Sarr (FR)
  3. Houston Rockets: Reed Sheppard (US)
  4. San Antonio Spurs: Stephon Castle (US)
  5. Detroit Pistons: Ron Holland (US)
  6. Charlotte Hornets : Tidjane Salaün (FR)
  7. Portland Trail Blazers : Donovan Clingan (US)
  8. Minnesota Timberwolves (via San Antonio Spurs): Rob Dillingham (US)
  9. Memphis Grizzlies: Zach Edey (CA)
  10. Utah Jazz: Cody Williams (US)
  11. Chicago Bulls: Matas Buzelis (US)
  12. Oklahoma City Thunder: Nikola Topic (SRB)
  13. Sacramento Kings: Devin Carter (US)
  14. Washington Wizards (via Portland Trail Blazers): Bub Carrington (US)
  15. Miami Heat: Kel'El Ware (US)
  16. Philadelphia Sixers: Jared McCain (US)
  17. Los Angeles Lakers: Dalton Knecht (US)
  18. Orlando Magic: Tristan Da Silva (GER)
  19. Toronto Raptors: Ja'Kobe Walker (US)
  20. Cleveland Cavaliers: Jaylon Tyson (US)
  21. New Orleans Pelicans :  Yves Missi (CAM)
  22. Denver Nuggets (via Phoenix Suns): DaRon Holmes II (US)
  23. Milwaukee Bucks: AJ Johnson (US)
  24. Washington Wizards (via New York Knicks): Kyshawn George (SUI)
  25. New York Knicks: Pacôme Dadiet (FR)
  26. Oklahoma City Thunder (via Whasington Wizards): Dillon Jones (US)
  27. Minnesota Timberwolves: Terrence Shannon Jr. (US)
  28. Phoenix Suns (via Denver Nuggets): Ryan Dunn (US)
  29. Utah Jazz: Isaiah Collier (US)
  30. Boston Scheierman (US)
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