NCIS: the three series will have the right to a crazy crossover

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NCIS: Special Investigations is getting a three-way crossover with NCIS: Hawaii and NCIS: Los Angeles in early 2023.

The NCIS Universedates back to 2003 and its first series is still running, with more than 20 seasons, while many other derivatives have taken off, placing their action in various American states and with an always different team. While some characters may be more iconic than others, it's a plethora of investigators who have traversed NCIS history in recent years. And what could be more exciting for spectators than to cross the different gangs to form a real NCISverse? It's in tune with the times.

After collaborating on the original NCIS and NCIS: Hawaii twice in the past, CBS will respond to fan demand and come up with an even more ambitious crossover. On its Twitter account, NCIS confirmed that the two series would once again cross paths, this time with the protagonists of NCIS: Los Angeles.

Did someone ask for a 3-way #NCISverse crossover? We've got you covered – #NCIS, @ncishawaiicbs, AND @ncisla are joining forces soon.

— NCIS (@NCIS_CBS) October 3, 2022

A triple crossover (a first in the history of the franchise) that should last the time of a transversal plot where all the fans' favorite special agents will have to face a common enemy. If we are to believe the #NCISverse of the tweet, it could well become a habit now for the chain to cross more regularly their various series, and perhaps even to establish connections between the bands of investigators in the long term.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the special episode will reunite Gary Cole, Wilmer Valderrama and Brian Dietzen (Alden, Nick and Jimmy) from the series NCIS: Special Investigations, alongside Chris O'Donnell and LL Cool J (Callen and Sam) from NCIS: Los Angeles and Vanessa Lachey, Yasmine Al-Bustami and Noah Mill (Janes, Lucy and Jesse) from NCIS: Hawaii. This entire troop will have to face off against a mysterious killer targeting members of NCIS.

Together, the three series bring together a total of 825 episodes, or 550 hours of police investigations to catch up on if you ever feel like discovering everything before this crossover event. Rest assured, you will have plenty of time to find these 23 days of intensive viewing (and without sleeping) to see or review the entire adventures of the three brigades. The final meeting should be held by January 2023 on CBS and Paramount+.

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