NDP MP slams Glen Murray tweet featuring misogynistic slogan


NDP MP criticizes Glen Murray tweet with misogynist slogan

Nahanni Fontaine once took to Twitter to criticize Glen Murray over his vision of safety in Winnipeg, there a little.

Manitoba New Democratic Party MP and House Leader Nahanni Fontaine criticizes Winnipeg mayoral candidate Glen Murray for posting a photo where he is seen alongside a man wearing a T-shirt with a misogynistic slogan.

Murray, who served as mayor of Winnipeg from 1998 to 2004, posted a photo from the Super Spike volleyball tournament this weekend, in which he poses with four men.

#SuperSpike is a great place for a mayoral candidate to hear what many Winnipeggers want for their city,” he captioned his twitter post, which has since been deleted.

Most said there needed to be more sporting and cultural events for young people like this. I've even heard calls to bring back the #GetTogetherDowntown concerts! added Glen Murray, referring to street festivals the City funded during his time as mayor.

On Sunday, Nahanni Fontaine posted a screenshot of the post with the caption: I'll just leave this here. #Misogyny #SexualizedViolence #WhoYouElectIsImportant

A deleted tweet from Glen Murray included this photo from the Super Spike volleyball tournament.

Mr. Murray replied that neither he nor members of his campaign team noticed the slogan in the photo, before the tweet was posted.

The photo uploaded is one of many taken at a number of events that day, the contestant added in an interview.

Someone noticed what the T-shirt actually said and immediately deleted it, because it's a deeply offensive statement.

Glen Murray made it clear that he has zero tolerance for misogyny and has fought against hate all his life.

I have been a victim of violence in my life and homophobia, and I certainly have zero tolerance for anything related to sexism, misogyny, homophobia or racism, argued Glen Murray, who was Winnipeg's first LGBT+ mayor.

In a big campaign, when you have a lot of photos, these things can happen and candidates should assume responsibility to delete them.

A spokesperson for the Manitoba NDP said Ms. Fontaine stands by her tweet. This is the second time the House Leader has criticized Mr. Murray on Twitter.

On July 5, when the aspiring mayor posted that the City should assign monitoring at The Forks, she called her comments feeling tired and recycled and said the City needs a progressive mayor.

Nothing says it better revitalizing a community than adding police to our already over-policed ​​communities,” she commented at the top of the tweet.

Glen Murray is part of the 12 candidates for mayor of Winnipeg. The others are Rana Bokhari, Idris Adelakun, Chris Clacio, Scott Gillingham, Shaun Loney, Jenny Motkaluk, Robert-Falcon Ouellette, Jessica Peebles, Rick Shone, Desmond Thomas and Don Woodstock.

Candidates must complete the nomination process in September in order to appear on the October 26 ballot.


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