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Nearly a thousand dead in an earthquake in Afghanistan and Pakistan

  • The United States Geological Survey has recorded the movement of magnitude 6.1 on the Richter Scale that has occurred about 44 kilometers from the city of Khost< /h2>

 Nearly a thousand dead in an earthquake in Afghanistan and Pakistan

Nearly a thousand people have died this Wednesday in Afghanistan due to an earthquake of 6.1 on the Richter scale occurred on the border with Pakistan, the neighboring country to the southeast. The earthquake has particularly affected a rural, remote and poor area, with houses built with cheap materials by their own tenants. The number of injured is close to 1,500, and the death toll is also expected to increase over the next few days. 

“The figure is likely to increase, since some of the towns in the epicenter are in remote areas, up in the mountains, and it takes time to collect detailsof the situation”, said the Interior Minister of the Taliban Government of Afghanistan, Salahuddin Ayubi.

smo, which according to the United States Geological Survey (USGS) has had its epicenter about 44 kilometers from the city of Khost, it has been possible to notice throughout Afghanistan, Pakistan, and part of India. At the moment, there is no news of fatalities in the other affected countries, although there are reports. material damage has been detected in Pakistan.

Call for help

“We ask all humanitarian aid agencies to send their teams immediately to the affected area to prevent the catastrophe from getting worse”, has requested one of the Taliban spokesmen, Bilal Karimi. Since August 2021, with the taking of Kabul by the extremist group, the capital of the country, Afghanistan lives isolated from the world, submerged in an uncontrolled food crisis and with a government that has seen how the money from the Afghan treasury disappeared from its hands. 

Asia Central -and Afghanistan in particular- is a region located between several tectonic faults, which will be found at the top of the Afghan mountains. In the area, earthquakes are constant: according to United Nations, more than 7,000 people in the last ten years have died in Afghanistan due to constant earthquakes; an average, according to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, of 560 deaths a year. 

This time, however, it is different. The one at dawn this Wednesday has been the deadliest earthquake in the Central Asian country since the distant 2002, shortly after the United States, after the attack on the twin towers in New York, deposed the previous Taliban government in Afghanistan. Nearly 1,000 people also died in that earthquake.

The big difference is that then, with the new government put in Kabul by the International Coalition, the millions and the humanitarian aid arrived in Afghanistan. Now, with the second Taliban government, the country lives isolated from the world, sanctioned and separated by the international community and, therefore, in permanent crisis. They are being taken to Gardez and Kabul to be treated, “said the director of the Information office of the Paktika region, the most affected by the earthquake and the one with the most victims. fatalities. 

Taliban measures

During the day this Wednesday, the rescue tasks in the region have continued, especially using some of the few passenger helicopters of which the country has. The difficulty of the terrain —and the landslides due to the earthquake— They have cut off access to many affected villages, according to the Afghan press, which assures that these landslides have been the ones that have caused a large part of the deaths.

“The government will 100,000 Afghanis to the families of those who have died, and 50,000 to the wounded. We want to alleviate the problem & rdquor ;, the Taliban Deputy Minister of Emergencies, Mawlawi Sharafudin Muslim, highlighted at a press conference. 100,000 Afghanis, the local currency, is equivalent to about 1,000 euros.

“When such an event occurs, it is very difficult for a country alone to deal with this situation”, Muslim continued. 

Some organizations, such as the UN and the EU have responded, albeit timidly. “TheEuropean Union is observing the situation, and is ready to coordinate and provide with emergency assistanceto the people and communities affected”, the EU special envoy for Afghanistan, Tomas Niklasson, tweeted this Wednesday.

In Kabul, the Afghan government has convened An emergency meeting was held, after which the office of the Taliban's supreme leader, Ajundzada has issued a statement of condolence.

“The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistanextends his condolences to the families of the victims, their relatives and all the people of Afghanistan for this tragic event, and prays to Almighty God for his patience with the martyrs ( the dead) and by a rapid improvement of the wounded. I ask Almighty God to protect our poor nation from further trials and tribulations. Amen & rdquor ;, reads the statement from Ajundzada, the Taliban leader and who is currently the maximum authority, both religious and political, of the country.

This earthquake has not been, however, the only natural disaster that has affected the Central Asian country. This Tuesday the Taliban government recognized the death of 10 Afghans in various provinces of the country due to floods, which have also caused the death of 1,000 livestock animals and the destruction of 700 hectares of agricultural land .

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