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Near the half of the calls go wrong with this mobile operator, repeated disruptions

One of the major mobile operators in France has a high mobile operator rate. of disruptions in the quality of communications.

Choosing a mobile and internet operator is most often based on offer and price criteria, but also on the quality of the service. network performance, download speed and stability. communications. While many elements are easy to understand, evaluate, such as the proposed flow rate or quality of the connection to 4G or 5G for phones, others are more difficult to implement. appreciate like the quality of your work. of a phone call.

Every year, Arcep (Telecoms Regulatory Authority) presents a report on network coverage and quality. telecommunications of mobile and internet operators in France. This year, for the first time, she attempted to do so. assess the "quality" voice calls" with new indicators. Quality measures vocal skills have been made via an instant messaging application (Over the top application – OTT).

The share of calls made with “high quality” perfect" at each operator could thus be established. This is the call rate sustained for two minutes without any 'audible disturbance'. If the majority of the operators surveyed are doing quite well in all areas of France with almost 82% for Bouygues, 86% for SFR and even 92% of calls without disruption for Orange, this is far from being the case for Free. Only 54% of calls made via the operator could be continued without disruption during the two minutes of testing.

Nearly half of calls go through poorly with this mobile operator, with disruptions occurring at some point. repetition

© Arcep

What does this mean in concrete terms? If you make calls from or to a smartphone whose operator is Free, almost half of the calls are made. of your conversations (46%) are likely to suffer from cuts, parasites, disturbances and other problems which will prevent you from hearing your interlocutor perfectly. It is even possible that your call ends abruptly if the Free network is not sufficient to cover your call.

The figure is all the more worrying because it does not only correspond to rural areas, but to rural areas. the entire French territory. This fairly clear delay of the operator in the Arcep data is also found in other analyses, such as the quality of the data. calls on national trains, RER and metros, where quality of the Free Mobile network shows a delay compared to that of the Free Mobile network. its competitors.

In terms of “successful communication”, the four operators on the other hand offer a very good level of connectivity. with a success rate of 97% for Orange, 95% for SFR, 94% for Bouygues Telecom and 93% for Free Mobile, Arcep further indicates.

The operation ;launcher by Xavier Niel more than 15 years ago, still establishing itself as one of the cheapest on the market. current, but remains committed to in the relay antenna war with its competitors. He has been intending to stand out for several months now. by placing itself in first position in the number of antennas and therefore 5G coverage.

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