Negotiations at Radio-Canada: tentative agreement approved by STTRC members

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Negotiations at Radio-Canada: tentative agreement approved by STTRC members

The members of the main union of the French network of CBC/Radio-Canada accepted Sunday the tentative agreement recommended to them by the union leadership.

The 2,800 members of the Radio-Canada Workers' Union (STTRC-CSN) on Sunday approved by 88% the agreement in principle reached on August 22 between the employer and the bargaining committee after 11 months of negotiations .

At a general meeting yesterday, the employees of the French network in Quebec and Moncton massively sided with their union representatives who had recommended acceptance of the offer presented by Radio-Canada.

Faced like all workers with the significant increase in the cost of living in recent months, the negatives of the labor shortage and new issues that have emerged during the pandemic, including the integration of work into distance for some of the employees, the union members demanded in particular better wages, but also more stability of employment and schedules, in particular for supernumerary employees.

The employment contract, which should be ratified in the coming days, will run until March 2025.

The agreement provides, among other things, salary increases totaling 7% which will run until the end of the employment contract and various labor stabilization measures, including the posting of 120 permanent positions, agreements relating to the management of work schedules, recruitment, seniority, assignments temporary as well as telecommuting.

Saying himself very happy with the result of the vote, the senior vice-president of Radio-Canada, Michel Bissonnette, estimated in a press release published at the end of the day on Sunday that, according to him, it is a question of 'a good deal, reasonable and responsible.

“The new labor contract offers solutions to current industry challenges such as labor shortages. workforce, retention and development of employees. »

— Michel Bissonnette, Senior Vice-President of Radio-Canada

The new employment contract will come into effect upon signature.

The STTRC represents all Radio-Canada employees who work in Quebec and Moncton, except those who belong to the Association of Directors and the Association of professionals and supervisors.

Artisans from other provinces are represented by the Canadian Media Guild.

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