Neo-Nówka once again ridicules the current government. Even “Christmas Eve” was not that strong

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Neo-Nówka does not let go and once again points the blade of satire at the power camp.

 Neo-N & oacute; wka once again ridicules the current government. Even

As the “Wirtualna Polska” portal reminds us, the Neo-N & oacute; wka cabaret some time ago mercilessly pointed out its greatest flaws to the current government. Their skit “Christmas Eve 2022” was widely known for many weeks. Now the cabaret artists have returned with a new number, in which they once again hit the present oblivion of power.

Neo-N & oacute; w with a new number

Last weekend Neo-N & oacute; wka performed in Wrocław. The occasion was unique because the group is celebrating its 20th anniversary of artistic activity. For two days, viewers had the opportunity to see the artists live. The cabaret artists recalled their best skits in slightly refreshed versions.

There were also political allusions, which were aimed primarily at the present government headed by Law and Justice. Roman Żurek started with a welcoming monologue, in which he expressed the hope that during the performance, “that nobody will fall asleep, like Jarosław at the conference”. But that was just the beginning.

Recalling the origins of your cabaret activities, Żurek recalled that they performed in slightly too large costumes. In his opinion, they looked “like Jarosław when Giertych lends him a jacket”.

Updated Christmas Eve and a new sketch

During the performance, there was also a cult sketch “Christmas Eve”. During it, there were insertions about the poisoning of the Odra River. One of the protagonists stated that the reason for the poisoning of the river was the fact that Tusk was washed out in Kędzierzyn, and that the Germans smashed mercury thermometers and poured their contents into the Oder river in Kędzierzyn.

Neo-N & oacute; wka in the expanded line-up presented a premiere sketch, in which its heroes went to the museum of the greatest achievements of Poland. There were only two rooms devoted to the achievements of Jarosław Kaczyński.

 Neo-N & oacute; wka once again ridicules the current row. ; Christmas Eve & quot;

We learned from the skit that the Nobel Prize received by Lech Wałęsa and Olga Tokarczu was actually supposed to go to Jarosław Kaczyński. The performance of the Neo-N & oacute; wka cabaret was recorded by Polsat.

Do you think that the new Neo-N & oacute; wki sketch will cause a similar storm to “Christmas Eve”?

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