Net Cap: Sergey Sokolov v Maxim Balakirev live stream, preview, betting tips

Net Cap: Sergey Sokolov v Maxim Balakirev live stream, preview, betting tips
Sergey Sokolov v Maxim Balakirev. Prediction for Table Tennis Net Cap (March 25, 2020)

At the table tennis tournament Setka Cap on March 25, Maxim Balakirev has a great chance to take revenge from Sergei Sokolov for losing the game of the previous day. We offer a forecast for the winner of the match.

Sergey Sokolov
Experienced Sergei Sokolov (athlete born in 1971) began to play in the grid cap only in the current season. He spent only four tournaments, was able to win ten fights from twenty.

March 24, Sokolov held five fights, in which he won three times. And in one of the matches he outplayed his current rival Maxim Balakirev (11-8, 11-7, 11-8).

Maxim Balakirev
At Maxim Balakirev excellent performances statistics on Mesh Cap. Five tournaments were played by a tennis player, he was able to win 21 of 25 matches.

March 24, Maxim won four matches. The only defeat he had was from experienced Sokolov, whose game he could not find an approach to. Obviously, the next day Balakirev will try to take revenge and slightly change the tactics of the game. Saying one game that Sokolov is an uncomfortable opponent for him is hardly worth it.

In a single personal meeting, Sokolov defeated.
In five matches on March 24, Balakirev won four victories.
Sokolov won three of five Seth Cap matches on March 24.

For the younger Maxim Balakirev, the upcoming match is largely fundamental, given the defeat in the game on March 24. Tennis player in its potential is not inferior to veteran Sokolov. We expect that Balakirev will be able to take revenge in the upcoming match.

Our forecast is the victory of Balakirev for a coefficient of 1.89 in BC Fonbet.

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