Net? North Korea sentences man to death for distributing “The Squid Game”

Net? North Korea sentences man to death for distributing “The Squid Game”

In the same way, a group of students who watched “The Squid Game” were sentenced to forced labor.

& iquest; Neta? North Korea sentences man to death for distributing & ldquo; Squid game & rdquo;

The man will suffer serious consequences for illegally selling 'The Squid Game' in North Korea. Source: (Twitter @netflix) Written TODAY on 2021/11/25 & middot; 1:50 p.m.

North Korea sentenced a death penalty to a smuggler who distributed “The squid game” through copies on USB drives. The news has shocked the entertainment world. The man will be executed by firing squad.

“The 'Squid Game' series entered North Korea through storage devices such as USB flash drives and SD cards,” he said. Radio Free Asia newspaper, which gave the scoop on the controversial news.

The contraband of the series arrives in cargoes by ships and then the devices are commercialized in the city. In fact, seven high school students were caught watching South Korean fiction in class.

 & iquest; Net? North Korea sentenced to death penalty to a man for distributing & ldquo; The Squid Game & rdquo;

A man will be executed for selling the series on North Korean soil. Source: (Twitter @netflix)

According to international media, the young man who bought the USB with the content of the series was sentenced to life in prison. The rest of the students were sentenced to five years of forced labor.

“Teachers and school administrators were fired and others face forced labor in remote mines,” said Radio Free Asia. The arrest of the youths was organized by the well-known Group 109 of the North Korean Surveillance Bureau.

North Korea and the war against “The Squid Game”

Para It is no secret that North Korea has extreme censorship against external media. Since they discovered the distribution of “The Squid Game,” the government carried out an immediate “cleanup” of the South Korean Netflix series.

“People are shaking with fear because they will be mercilessly punished for buying or selling the content of the series. It doesn't matter how old they are ”, shared an anonymous source to Radio Free Asia newspaper.

 & iquest; Net? North Korea Man sentenced to death for distributing & ldquo; Squid Game & rdquo;

One student was sentenced to jail and others will have forced labor. Source: (Twitter @netflix)

From a general perspective, the series seems like a parallel in the life of the inhabitants of Pyongsong: & nbsp; “The officials of this city fight in the currency market as if their lives depended on it ”, Remarked the same anonymous source.

In this way, North Korea confronts in a radical way what they consider “capitalist culture.” On the other hand, so far no member of “The Squid Game” has commented on the matter.

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