Netanyahu could return to power thanks to the support of the extreme right

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Netanyahu returns to power: 4 keys to understand the results of the elections in Israel

Netanyahu could return to power thanks to the support of the far-rightists

Vote to return to the past . In Israel, 85% of the votes countedThey give victory to the bloc led by Binyamin Netanyahu, the longest-serving prime minister in history. After 16 months of hiatus as leader of the opposition, Bibi could return to occupy the position that she dominated for the last 12 years thanks to the help of the extreme right . According to the current count, in the absence of a few ballots to analyze, Netanyahu's right-wing religious bloc could win between 62 and 65 seats, surpassing the figure of 61 deputies to win. the majority in the most right-wing Knesset in the history of the country.

Thus, it is the extreme right who stands as the clear winner of these elections. With 15 seats, for now, the Religious Zionism partyhe becomes the third force in the Israeli legislative chamber. The entry of the openly racist, homophobic and anti-Arab far-right has left many liberal and left-wing Israelis scared about the future of their country. But not only within Israel there is that fear. The partners of the Hebrew State, such as the United States and the United Arab Emirates, have already expressed to Netanyahu their rejection of alliances with this fierce conservatism.

< h3>The left, on the verge of extinction

The left parties, on the verge of extinction, are still waiting for Meretz to pass the electoral threshold of 3.25% and enter the Knesset. Also the formations that represent the Palestinians of Israel carefully observe if Balad, the only party that does not recognize the Jewish character of Israel, wins the minimum four seats. The other two Palestinian representatives, Raam and Hadash-Taal, have already crossed the threshold and each would get between four and five deputies. If Raam, Balad or Meretz do not get representation in the Knesset, it will further increase Netanyahu's prospects of forming a coalition, but if all three do, it could hinder his chances.

“If the actual results reflect the exit polls, I will set anational governmentthat will take care of the of all the citizens of Israel & rdquor ;, announced Netanyahu during the night of Tuesday after hearing the polls. The current prime minister, the centrist Yair Lapid, wanted to remain calm and wait to “count until the last ballot.” Given the trends shown in the polls, he insisted in defense of a “policy that is not based on hate or incitement”.