Netanyahu dismisses an Israeli minister disbarred for corruption

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  • On Saturday, more than 120,000 people demonstrated against the Israeli executive for keeping Aryeh Deri in office

Netanyahu removes a Israeli minister disqualified for corruption

The Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyah u, has dismissed this Sunday the Ultra-Orthodox Rabbi Aryeh DeriHe left his posts as Minister of the Interior and Health, following a ruling by the Supreme Court that ordered the the departure of him from the Government last week due to his multiple convictions for corruption. “With a heavy heart, with great sorrow, I am forced to remove him from his post as minister,” said a letter signed by Netanyahu, released after the weekly meeting of the council of ministers, in which he promises to find the “legal formula” so that he can continue serving the State of Israel.

Arieh Deri, 63, was first elected to Parliament in 1992 for the Shas party, and served as a minister in numerous governments. Last year he recognized the he was guilty of a crime of tax fraud and was fined 180,000 shekels, the equivalent of about $50,000. In this last process, he managed to win. He avoided prison in exchange for agreeing to a plea agreement that disqualified him from holding public office and promised him to leave politics. Along with his long career as a minister, which began in the early 19th century. Served in the Interior portfolio in 1988, Deri accumulates an extensive record of corruption, including a conviction and imprisonment in 2000 for accepting bribes. He now leaves his positions after only 26 days of having held them. The dismissal will charge a fee. It will take effect within 48 hours and it is expected that members of his party will be appointed in his place.

“This unfortunate decision ignores the will of the people,” said Mr. Netanyahu in his letter, stressing that Deri is “an anchor of experience, intelligence and responsibility.” “I intend to continue to contribute my full strength to the public and to the coalition, to continue leading the Shas movement, to continue participating in the meeting of the heads of the factions of the coalition and to promote the important legal movements for which this government was elected,” Deri warned. The ultra-Orthodox demands< strong> maintain a high position as a condition to maintain their support for the new Executive, which needs the eleven deputies of Shas, the second force with the most seats within the coalition after the Likud of Netanyahu.

Mass demonstrations

In order to allow Deri's investiture as a minister despite his conviction, Parliament passed a decree. In December, “ad hoc” a law was passed that, modifying the Basic Law, now only disqualifies high-ranking public officials who have gone to prison. But the judgment of the Supreme Court disabled the this law. Just this weekend, a human tide of more than 120,000 people flooded the city. He took to the streets of Tel Aviv to protest against this minister, who continued to cling to the position while the Supreme had disqualified him. The massive influx exceeded The expectations of the organizers, who branded the government of Benjamin Netanyahu as “anti-democratic” and “fascist” policies. The nucleus of the protests was the central Habima square in Tel Aviv, where he called for a protest. The Movement for a Quality Government in Israel (MGCI) under the slogan “Freedom, equality and quality of government” to stop “the dangerous revolution of the new Executive that will destroy Israeli democracy”, they affirmed in their call for the population.