Netflix announces premiere date for Season 5 of The Crown

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Netflix announced the premiere date for the fifth season of The Crown

A new season about life The late Queen of Great Britain will consist of ten episodes, each lasting about an hour.

Streaming service Netflix has announced that the premiere of the fifth season of the series The Crown, which tells about the life of Elizabeth II, will be released on November 9 this year. This was reported on Instagram.

The events of the fifth season unfold in the 1990s. The plot could include the divorce of Prince Charles and Lady Diana, as well as the fire at Windsor Castle, the opening of Buckingham Palace for tours, and Princess Diana's sensational interview about her marriage for BBC Panorama. But the tragic death of the Princess of Wales will be shown in the sixth season, which will be the final one.

The role of the Queen in the continuation of the series will be played by British actress Imelda Staunton, Princess Diana is played by Elizabeth Debicki. The role of Charles went to the popular actor Dominic West, Princess Margaret – Leslie Menville.

It was previously reported that after the death of Elizabeth II, users of the streaming platform Netflix began to actively watch the series The Crown.