Netflix: Arnold Schwarzenegger to return in spy series

Netflix: Arnold Schwarzenegger to return in spy series


Arnold Schwarzenegger will return, by way of the small screen, playing the spies in a Netflix series, alongside Monica Barbaro.

After a very dense filmography in the action cinema between Conan the barbarian , Terminator , Commando , Predator or even The Expendables: Special Unit , Arnold Schwarzenegger will return, but this time on the small screen. For the first time, at the age of 73, the actor will try his hand at the TV series, at the streaming giant Netflix, in what promises to be a spy thriller.

Recently announced by Deadline, the series will be an original creation, developed by Scorpion creator Nick Santora, and currently in the works at Skydance Productions. The scenario will revolve around a spy, interpreted of course by our dear Schwarzy, and his daughter, who has just been cast. It will be Monica Barbaro, known for her role as Yael in season 2 of the UnREAL series, and soon to be featured in Top Gun: Maverick , whose release has been postponed to July 14, 2021.

A first glimpse of the father-daughter relationship …

Not much more is known at the moment, except that Nick Santora will be the creator of the series, but also executive producer with Schwarzenegger, alongside David Ellison and Dana Goldberg.

Let's just hope that this spy series, which so far has no title, synopsis or official release date, and will mark Schwarzy's first steps on the small screen, will be less anecdotal than the latest comeback. the actor, with Terminator: Dark Fate, of which our review is available here.

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