Netflix bought a large package of Ukrainian films

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Netflix bought a large package of Ukrainian films

In September 2022 on the platform three state films appeared, which became available for viewing on the territory of Ukraine.

The American streaming service Netflix has acquired the rights to more than ten films of Ukrainian film studios from Group. This is reported by Forbes Ukraine.

So, on the platform for the show is expected: Crazy wedding, Big walk and Best weekend. Sniper will also be released in December. White Raven. Negotiations on the purchase of Foxter and Max are ongoing.

It is worth noting that three domestic films appeared on Netflix in September of this year: Wild Field, Amber Cops and Meeting Classmates. They were added to two parts of the Servant of the People series and the documentary film Winter on Fire and the film Rhinoceros.

At the same time, the cost of the transaction was not disclosed. However, until February 24, the amount of one episode of the series ranged from $5,000 to $25,000. As for films, the platform will not buy more than $50,000.

Previously, it was reported that the Netflix platform completely stopped work in Russia .

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