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Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video: what to watch in July 2024 ?

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Like every new month, video streaming platforms are full of new features. Films, series, documentaries… There’s something for everyone! In this new month of July, you won't be bored for a single second.

Discover our selection of the best programs which will join the catalogs of Netflix, Prime Video or even Disney+ in the coming days. You are going to have a great month of July.

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Chief, it's time to go back to Chicago. The Bear : on site or to take away offers a season 3 on a platter. This series full of tension, a real favorite of 2022, is already back and we don't intend to hold back our pleasure! The Bear: eat in or take awaytakes us to meet Carmy Berzatto, a talented chef who has worked in the best gourmet restaurants in the world. But when his big brother commits suicide, he is forced to take over the family sandwich shop and return to the grayness of Chicago. The young man must get the restaurant back on track, manage the loss of his brother but also a team of reluctant cooks.

The series is a marvel for the eyes and ears and the heart. The Bear : eat in or take away addresses varied but always profound subjects. After successfully reopening the restaurant despite the challenges, season 2 ended with an extremely intense moment. We can't wait to discover season 3 of The Bearon Disney+ to continue to see these characters, as complex as they are endearing, evolve ever more. See you on July 17, 2024.

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Head to ancient Rome! Those About to Die, this is the new series from Prime Video and there is something to create an event. Starring Antony Hopkins (The Silence of the Lambs) and Iwan Rheon (Game of Thrones), this short story creation promises to captivate us.

As the Roman population becomes bored and increasingly agitated and violent, only free food and spectacular entertainment can calm her down. But their thirst for spectacle and blood grows. The emperor built the Colosseum, a stadium capable of hosting ever more grandiose entertainment. This is how gladiator fights were born. The trailer announces an epic and intense series. Join us from July 19, 2024 to discover Those About to Die.

Rudger is Amanda's imaginary friend. Her presence, although imaginary, helps the 10-year-old girl cope with the loss of a loved one. Together, they experience extraordinary adventures. Until Rduger finds himself alone. He then joins the City of Imaginary Creatures, determined to find Amanda. But a mysterious threat awaits him… This animated film has all the cards in hand to grab our guts.

Animation fans will not be mistaken: it is the Ponoc studio that is behind L’Imaginaire. The latter includes former Studio Ghibli greats, like Hiromasa Yonebayashi (Memories of Marnie). It can be seen on Netflix from this Friday July 5, 2024.

It's almost the end of the first season of The Acolyte on Disney+. After more than a month of weekly broadcast, the final episode of the series will be available on July 17, 2024.

< p>The Acolyte, this is the new series Star Wars. It takes place during the final days of the High Republic era, when the Jedi Order is at its peak. But nothing lasts, and several mysterious crimes are perpetrated. A respected Jedi master leads the investigation and finds his ex-Padawan. But the dark secrets are more fearsome than expected…

If you like action films, heavy films, you will love The Ministry of the Dirty War. After a limited release in American cinemas, Guy Ritchie's new film is finally arriving in France thanks to Prime Video.

During World War II, the very first special forces organization was created by British Prime Minister Winston Churcill and it can be said that it was far from conventional. This team is made up of thugs and other snipers who are definitely there to fight, and regardless of protocol. Inspired by a true story, The Ministry of Dirty War promises to be explosive. In the cast ? Henry Cavill, Alex Pettyfer, Eiza Gonzalez as well as Alan Ritchson. Watch on Prime Video July 25, 2024.

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Finally, rap fans will be delighted to find Nouvelle École. For season 3, Aya Nakamura, SHC and SDM make up the tele-hook jury which intends to discover the new rap nugget of the year.

This new season promises multiple twists and turns, stunning performances and inspiring stories. The first four episodes arrive on Netflix on July 4, 2024. The grand finale will be broadcast on July 21, 2024 at 8:01 p.m.

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