Netflix launches its own video game studio

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Netflix launches its own video game studio

Netflix allows its members to download an array of mobile games.

Streaming giant Netflix takes another step in its ascent in the video game sector by opening its first studio in Helsinki, Finland .

After acquiring the video game studios Next Games, Night School and Boss Fight Entertainment in recent years, Netflix is ​​setting up a new internal entity. The goal: no longer having to rely solely on third-party teams.

Netflix aims to create original world-class games, without advertising or in-app purchases. No details on the games themselves have been revealed at this time and the company does not plan official releases for years.

Marko Lastikka, who previously worked for Zynga Studios and EA, will be the director of the project.

This news comes the day after Netflix announced that it had to postpone the release of Oxenfree II, developed by Night School Studios.

This game, which is the sequel to the hit adventure and horror launched in 2016, was originally planned for 2021, but the company delayed the release to early 2022 a few months after the announcement. It is now scheduled for 2023.

Since November 2021, Netflix has offered a selection of downloadable mobile games to subscribers to its service. The latter can have fun in particular in the universe of Stranger Things, a very popular science fiction series on the platform.

The company is also working on games inspired by his successes La casa de papeland Le jeu de la dame (Queen's Gambit).

With some 220 million followers worldwide, Netflix remains the top streaming platform, ahead of Disney+ and Prime Video.

With information from CNET, Engadget, and The Verge

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