Netflix launches Triviaverse and is working on a virtual reality game of Stranger Things

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Netflix launches Triviaverse and is working on a virtual reality game of Stranger Things

Characters from the series “Stranger Things”, with Max in the center

Starting today, Netflix users can test their knowledge on their TV with the new game Triviaverse. The streaming platform has also confirmed that it is working on a new virtual reality title based on its flagship series Stranger Things.

Netflix subscribers will be able to compete in a trivia game (“Trivia Master”) on their TV using their remote. The goal: answer the questions as quickly as possible in order to obtain rewards in the form of badges.

Netflix relies on the simplest gameplay. Triviaversecan be played in two ways: single-player mode, which has three rounds of questions, or two-player mode, which is split into two rounds per person.

Players can use their remote to press the various arrows visible on the screen and answer questions that touch on a multitude of topics. Among the various themes covered are history, science and popular culture. Trivia game difficulty increases as rounds progress.

Triviaversewas launched simultaneously worldwide and is currently offered in nine languages: French, English, Spanish (South America and Spain), Brazilian Portuguese, German, Spanish Italian, Korean and Japanese.

This is not the first time that the American company has tried its luck in the wide range of interactive productions.

In 2017, Netflix launched the interactive story Black Mirror: Bandersnatch. More recently, she ventured into another interactive story, with Cat Burglar.

Before Triviaverse, Netflix had also featured the Trivia Quest game, which had a different formula, with daily episodes airing throughout April this year.

This new general knowledge game comes a year after Netflix started investing in video games. The streaming platform recently acquired studio Spry Fox, which joined Netflix's five in-house studios.

Netflix's new game is called Triviaverse.

The Giant streaming has more than one new video game. The company has teamed up with developer Tender Claws to produce virtual reality game Stranger Things VR. The title is slated for winter 2023 on major virtual reality platforms, according to the partners' announcement during Stranger Things Day 2022, which was held on November 6.

Stranger Things VR will allow players to take on the role of the fearsome Season 4 villain, Vecna, in an effort to “implement revenge on Eleven and Hawkins”, according to what can be read in the press release.

“Become an explorer of unknown realities by training the hive mind and taming the void, can we read in the description of the video. Invade spirits and cause nightmares in your quest for revenge. ยป

Tender Claws, a studio based in Los Angeles, has already developed the games VR Virtual Reality 1 and 2, Tendar and Tempest.

Netflix has already created several games around its flagship series, including Stranger Things: The VR Experience, as well as the game for mobile and console Stranger Things 3: The Game.

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