Netflix makes it easy to transfer profiles to encourage you to open your own account

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Netflix makes it easy to transfer profiles to encourage you to open your own account

Online streaming service Netflix saw slower growth in 2022.

US online streaming giant Netflix has announced the launch of a profile transfer feature which allows you to keep your viewing history, recommendations and personalized playlists when you switch from one account to another.

The company wants to discourage sharing a subscription between people who don't live together, and this announcement seems intended to make separation less difficult when Netflix forces you out of your ex's or parents' account, for example.

People move. Families grow. Relationships end. But through these upheavals in life, your Netflix experience should remain the same , writes poetically in a press release the video platform, which is experiencing a difficult year 2022, with slow growth.

The new feature should be rolling out to all Netflix users globally shortly. It will help Internet users who want to fly on their own by guiding them through the steps to create their own account, while keeping their profile.

Profile transfer had previously been tested in Chile, Costa Rica and Peru. It's also in these three countries that Netflix has been piloting a feature that allows members to share their account with someone outside their household for less than $5.

< p class="e-p">The company estimated in April that in addition to the 222 million households that paid for its services, another 100 million had access through password sharing, including more than 30 million in the United States. United and Canada.

We are working to see how to monetize this sharing, commented at the time the boss Reed Hastings.

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