Netflix orders Hitchcock teenage movie starring Riverdale and Stranger Things

Netflix orders Hitchcock teenage movie starring Riverdale and Stranger Things


Netflix is commissioning a black Hitchcock comedy with lead actresses from Stranger Things and Riverdale.

While Stranger Things continues to teaser its forthcoming fourth season (the best season of the series thanks to the coronavirus according to the showrunners), and Riverdale has finally revealed the date of its return on the CW channel (in America) and Netflix (January 21), the two series will be linked from afar on the platform.

Indeed, an actress from each series should be found in a next production of the red giant: Camila Mendes (Veronica Logde since the first season of Riverdale ) and Maya Hawke (Robin Buckley, arrived in the last season of Sranger Things ).

Riverdale vs Stranger Things

The two actresses will, a priori, be featured in a black Hitchcock comedy, according to Deadline, featuring the tribulations of “the most dangerous protagonists that are ”: those of teenage girls. Co-written by Jennifer Kaytin Robinson ( Someone Good ) and Celeste Ballard ( Sweet / Vicious ), the feature does not yet have a release date, but has already announced its sharp humor. even if, at first glance, it looks mostly like the average teenage movie.

Indeed, each in her role of it-girl queen bee leading her little high school world to the wand and rather outsider of the kind to stay in her corner, the two teenagers should end up uniting and helping each other against the people having fun bullying them. To see if, by expanding, the pitch will succeed in taking on enough body to become one of those mythical teenage comedies that we enjoy seeing again without feeling too guilty.

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