Netflix released the most expensive movie in the history of the service (video)


    Netflix released the most expensive film in the history of the service (video)

    Critics have already criticized the picture, calling it a mixture of Bond and Bourne adventures.

    Netflix streaming service has unveiled a new blockbuster ” The Gray Man, which has already been called the copyright of Bond, one of the most popular spy franchises in Hollywood. The peculiarity of the project in its cost is $ 200 million, which automatically makes it the most expensive in the history of the streaming service, writes the Daily Mail.

    The film is based on Mark Greaney's 2009 novel of the same name and follows CIA operative Kort Gentry, played by Ryan Gosling, known by the code name Sierra Six, and his confrontation with former ally Lloyd Hansen. The latter is played by Chris Evans. Gosling's character is a former prisoner released from prison by the CIA in exchange for slavery as part of a secret program.

    Directors Anthony and Joe Russo – the writing duo of Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame – reveal how top agent Gentry uncovers a dark secret within the agency as he is hunted by his former colleague and a host of international assassins.

    In addition to the plot, which is inspired by many moments from the James Bond films, the new film has “a few more stunts that are as exciting extravagant as they are unbelievably stupid.” The blockbuster itself even makes fun of this resemblance, with the main character joking that his name is Six because “007 was kidnapped”.

    According to actor Régé-Jean Page, the star of The Bridgertons and a possible new Bond, as well as his role as CIA boss Danny Carmichael in The Gray Man, the Netflix blockbuster is a mixture of James Bond and Jason Bourne franchises:

    “It's a global journey, but with spies, explosions, guns, plane crashes….. there's nothing that this movie doesn't have. It's like, 'How is this dude still on his feet?!' It has expensive costumes and sophistication, the “Bond factor”. And he has this hyper-real, hyper-violent “Bourne factor”.

    “I think at the moment Bond is about 60 and Bourne is about 20, and this the film has a lot to do with some of the problems that are going on in the world right now. The character is extremely existential, quite funny, and we just find that it suits our sense of humor. This is the kind of film that we think will work well with today's audiences,” says film critic Brian Winner.

    As for Gosling, who is now, to the surprise of fans, playing the role of Ken doll in the new Barbie movie, he admitted that he always dreamed of action movies.

    “Action was her first love. It made me fall in love with movies first of all… It was a real test of fire for me, because it was my first action movie,” the actor said.

    The film was shot in seven locations around the world, from Azerbaijan to Croatia and France. It consists of nine main scenes, including a protracted shootout in the city square in Prague.

    “We wanted to be very ambitious with this film. It's hard to make an action movie. It's expensive to make an action movie, and Netflix was ready for that level of ambition,” director Anthony said.

    However, the critical response to the film was mixed.


    “Throw the Bourne, Bond, Mission: Impossible, and Fast and Furious franchises into a blender and hold your finger on the button for the duration it takes to make a banana smoothie, and voila – it could all end up like this movie like The Gray Man. You'll forget it the moment you stop watching,” says Tom Schon of The Times.

    Many critics derided the thriller, with one calling it “formal, bland, unoriginal and disappointingly mediocre.” According to another reviewer, the film “never gave viewers any reason to worry about the mission or the characters” and lost “all tension and excitement” due to “absurd editing”. A third commented that he “couldn't name anything memorable” a few days after watching it and that it was difficult to remember even the “five characteristics of a hero”.


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