Netflix wants to charge extra for those who watch movies not only at home


    Netflix will charge people extra if they use their account in more than one location, reports the Independent.

    Netflix wants to charge extra for those who watch movies outside of their homes

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    The company will ask people to pay for an additional subscription if they use their account in more than one “house”.

    Netflix will scan users' devices and account activity in an attempt to find out when their logins are being used in more than one location and will require them to pay $2.99 ​​for each.

    Netflix will attempt to find shared accounts , using “information such as IP addresses, device IDs, and account activity” and encourages people to keep all devices in the same home with the same internet connection.

    An exception is made for “travel”, but users can only visit a specific location once a year, according to the Netflix documentation.

    This feature will be rolled out from August as a test in some countries. But Netflix has suggested that it may become more widespread in the future.

    Since Netflix's launch, it's been relatively casual about multiple people using a given account or using it in multiple locations. Although its rules officially prohibit people from sharing accounts, in practice it has little interest in preventing people from doing so.

    However, Netflix has said in recent months that it will crack down on such behavior. First, a new tool has been launched in some countries that eliminates login sharing and requires users to pay for “additional members” in their account.

    This feature is also available in South America and other countries . The “add member” tool has been launched in Chile, Costa Rica and Peru, while app usage restrictions will apply in Argentina, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras.

    All changes are subject to change as Netflix's growth is slowing rapidly, the company is losing subscribers and falling revenue. In a statement, it says that sharing accounts between different houses “undermines our long-term ability to invest and improve our service.”

    Netflix is ​​also raising prices by adding an ad tier and laying off staff in an attempt to boost its revenues again .


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