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Netflix will open a chain of stores: what we know

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It’s a mysterious and ambitious project. Netflix intends to open new stores from 2025 on a permanent basis. This new channel, called Netflix House, will initially see the light of day in the United States.

Our colleagues from the Bloomberg agency describe these places as multifaceted, since they will offer products from the service's popular programs, but also restaurants (fast food and gourmet dishes), or even live experiences also linked to the platform's flagship content.

Netflix is ​​a master in the art of marketing

Quoted by the American media, Josh Simon, vice-president of consumer products at the company, specifies: “We saw how much fans love to immerse themselves in the world of our films and TV series, and we thought a lot about how to take the next step” .

However, and even if these new spaces will generate revenue, Netflix remains indeed a streaming service. The idea is therefore above all to ensure the promotion of its productions in a marketing effort.

We will wait to find out a little more about this original initiative. In any case, it falls at a particular moment in the company. Netflix has just ended its DVD delivery activity. A true symbol, because the latter existed since the creation of the company.

In any case, this is far from the first time that the company has tried this type of project, but it was previously in the context of ephemeral and non-permanent experiments. This is particularly the case in large cities such as Tokyo, New York, Mexico, and Paris.

Marketing is also in full swing online via the official store, but also in American stores, at the image of Walmart which offers pizzas and frozen ice creams Stranger Things.

Recently, we also told you about the opening of this ephemeral restaurant in Los Angeles. Since last June, customers have been able to visit the Short Stories Hotel building in West Hollywood.

It serves products created by chefs featured in its reality TV shows dedicated to cooking. We are thinking in particular of Iron Chef: Legendary Challenges. There are, for example, tasting menus and cocktails.

What to remember:

  • Netflix to open a chain of stores from 2025
  • The idea is above all to promote its content
  • It is a marketing logic that has already proven itself in the past
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