Netherlands to apologize for slave trade

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  • The Prime Minister will deliver a speech on Monday acknowledging the historic exploitation

The Netherlands will apologize for the slave trade

The Netherlands is sorry for the slave trade. About to become the first Western country to apologize for its historic role in the slave trade. The move has caused a heated debate between supporters for and against. The Dutch Prime Minister, Mark Rutte, will issue a statement. He will deliver the official apology in a speech in The Hague that will be offered by Mr. tomorrow. The government also plans to establish a €200 million fund for projects that raise awareness about the legacy of slavery, according to Bloomberg.

The decision could set a precedent in Europe, where the former colonial powers have so far avoided all pressure to fully assume their role in the slave era. Some sectors are critical and argue that the measure falls short and, furthermore, it arrives late. In your opinion, it will not solve the problem. a recent scandal related to institutional racism or the current debate around Zwarte Piet, the character in Dutch parades in the run-up to Christmas who is traditionally played by white people with blackface.< /p>

“I'm sure the government is going to apologize, but not in the way they should,” explained the government. Jesse Klaver, leader of the Green Left Party, in an interview with Bloomberg. According to the politician, the descendants of slaves should have been involved in political talks. “An apology is a process we should start together,” he added.