Network fotozhabu made fun of black Friday Zelensky

В сети фотожабой высмеяли черную пятницу у Зеленского

While the majority of Ukrainians are busy shopping for crazy discounts on Black Friday, others decided to make a joke on this topic. So, in a telegram-channel “Procesin official”, there mA’am dedicated to Vladimir Zelensky, the President of Ukraine.

В сети фотожабой высмеяли черную пятницу у Зеленского

On it head of state is in a jacket and shirt and holding a box tied with a bow. It says “Black Friday”. Back Zelensky drawn on the stick is 73%, and strikethrough. And there are more big stick that says 52%. Discount, it can be assumed, amounted to 21%.

Thus the author of the photoshopped pics made fun of Black Friday and the fall of the rating Zelensky. After all, when the President chose his rating was 73%, and now down.

Previously, we reported that Zelensky and Putin agreed on peace in the Donbass, was the last step.

Famous astrologer Vlad Ross is confident that President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky agreed with his Russian counterpart about the world in the Donbass

According to him, it happened on 25 and 26 November during a telephone conversation, and on 9 December in Paris all the agreements just signed.

In the comments on that post reacted differently: enough as skeptics and optimists. There were also those who kindly quiet word referred to the previous government.

It was reported that revealed details of the “channel meeting”.

В сети фотожабой высмеяли черную пятницу у Зеленского

The expert has predicted a future of “Norman format”. My opinion on this matter was expressed by the scientist, fellow of the Russian research Centre of Boris Nemtsov, Alexander Morozov.

“We need to distinguish between rhetoric and reality. But the reality now is that to expand the format of negotiations due to the US while it is impossible. First, in the States and so are a lot of internal worries. And, secondly, the American diplomacy, there is no clear vision of ways of solving this conflict.”, — said Morozov.

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