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Neuralink implant: a second surgery canceled for medical reasons

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The pioneering company Neuralink, led by Elon Musk, was forced to invalidate a second surgical intervention aimed at implanting its brain device. A cancellation which comes just a few months after the success of the first operation on Noland Arbaugh. This time, the patient concerned, suffering from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), was unfortunately unable to benefit from the operation due to unexpected medical complications recently discovered.

Choosing the right patient: a puzzle

The selection of participants in Neuralink clinical trials is a critical process. Michael Lawton, head of the Barrow Neurological Institute in Phoenix, emphasized this when he said: “Select the right patient for a trial like this is important. Everyone involved, clinically and surgically, wants to do things right ”. The establishment, which had already hosted the first implantation, deemed the patient unfit for this second intervention due to undisclosed complications,

Neuralink is concentrating its efforts on individuals with severe motor disorders. Noland Arbaugh, aged 29, who became quadriplegic following a tragic diving accident in 2016, was the first patient to benefit from this innovative technology. However, her implant reportedly began showing signs of malfunction just a few months after implantation, likely due to the excessive depth of the wires inserted into her brain tissue.

Neuralink : the future is not for now

The postponement of this second surgical intervention highlights the pitfalls that Neuralink faces. Despite Musk's still-ambitious aspirations, the company must overcome both technical and medical obstacles.

< p>ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig's disease, poses unique challenges in terms of brain implants. The disease being progressive and degenerative, this means that they must adapt to constant changes in the patient's brain and be able to function with a decreasing number of healthy neurons.

The company has not yet issued an official statement regarding this cancellation, while Elon Musk simply retweeted a video interview with Arbaugh following the disclosure of this information. Another candidate is expected to benefit from the implantation next month, although information relating to this person and their state of health remains confidential.

This cancellation proves one thing to us: despite Neuralink's spectacular advances in the implant sector, this technology is still at a very early stagedevelopment and we are not close to seeing it deployed on a large scale.

  • Neuralink had to cancel its second implantation operation.
  • The patient, suffering from ALS, n’ was unable to benefit from the chip due to medical complications.
  • The company has not yet communicated about the event .

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