Neuralink promises a connected implant in a human brain within six months

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Neuralink promises a connected implant in a human brain within six months

Elon Musk had presented the brain implant developed by his young shoot Neuralink on August 28, 2020.

Elon Musk estimated on Wednesday that within six months, its start-up Neuralink would be able to implant its first connected device in the brain of a human being to communicate with computers directly through thought.

We obviously want to be careful and be sure that it will work, but we have given all our documents to the FDA [the agency responsible for public health in the United States]. We believe that within six months, we will be able to have our first implant in a human being, indicated the boss of Neuralink, Elon Musk, also at the head of Tesla, SpaceX, Twitter and x27;other young shoots.

We are confident that Neuralink's device is finally ready for human beings; the timeline therefore depends on the FDA approval process, he then clarified on Twitter, the social network he bought a month ago.

The billionaire is used to making risky predictions, particularly about the autonomy of Tesla electric cars.

In July 2019, he estimated that Neuralink could achieve its first tests on individuals in 2020.

But so far the coin-sized prototypes have only been implanted in the skulls of animals, including pigs.

Gertrude leads her life as a pig without knowing that she has an implant in her brain that transmits light. information to computers.

Several monkeys are thus able to play video games — including the popular Pong — or type words on a screen simply by following the movement of the cursor with their eyes.

A monkey managed to play the video game “Pong” thanks to a connected chip implanted in his skull.

Elon Musk and engineering specialists from Neuralink also gave an update on the latest advances in the development of a robotic surgeon as well as the development of other implants, to be installed in the spinal cord or eyes, to restore someone's mobility or sense of sight.

Beyond the potential to treat neurological diseases, Elon Musk's ultimate goal is to ensure that human beings are not intellectually overwhelmed by artificial intelligence systems.< /p>

Other companies are working on thought-controlling computers, such as Synchron, which announced in July that it had implemented the first brain-machine interface in the United States.

In recent months, Elon Musk has urged his staff to work faster. We'll all be dead before anything useful happens, he told the Neuralink team in a meeting, according to the report. x27;Bloomberg agency.

He recently fired more than half of Twitter's staff and social network executives who expressed opinions contrary to his in public, and asked the remaining staff to commit to extremely intense work.

Neuralink's annual conference is supposed to serve as a vocation-raising to recruit specialists in different fields.

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