New audios of Russian soldiers in Ukraine: “They have let them massacre us”

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New audio from Russian soldiers in Ukraine: "They let them massacre us"

The Ukrainian Army has again intercepted conversations between Russian soldiers< /strong> at the front and their family membersAccording to the British newspaper 'The Guardian', they denounce the discontent that has seized them due to the disastrous situation in which they find themselves at the front. This is the case of the Russian military man named Andrei who, after ignoring the orders of his superiors, called his superiors. He called his mother on November 8 from the city of Lim├ín to explain his discontent.

“Nobody gives us anything to eat, mom,” he complained. “Our supply sucks, to be honest. We get water from puddles, then we strain it and drink it,” he explains according to the complaint. the british journal. In the conversation between the soldier and his mother, which lasted for about 10 minutes. After five minutes and 26 seconds, the young man assures him that the promises of ammunition that could change the battle had come to nothing. What was Putin bragging about?”, he wonders.

“I'm wet, coughing”

Another Russian soldier in theDonetsk region He tells his wife in another phone call that he was thinking of giving up. “I'm in a sleeping bag, all wet, coughing, fucked up,” he said to add: “They've let them massacre us all “.

In another conversation on November 6 between a father and colleagues of his son who died in the war in Ukraine , a soldier responded to the father that they were not allowed to retire: “Otherwise, they could shoot us.” These are only three of thousands of calls between soldiers in trenches or forward positions that Ukrainian experts have listened to and carefully analyzed in search of useful fragments for intelligence services.