New Brunswick is coveted by tourists so far


New Brunswick is coveted ; by tourists so far

At mid-season, campsites and beaches have already exceeded the number of visitors from last year.

Tourists from Ontario at Parlee Beach Provincial Park in New Brunswick on July 30, 2022.

Despite the fear of lower gas prices and the chaotic situation in the air transport sector, New Brunswick is proving to be a popular destination for tourists this summer, according to certain indicators.< /p>

In these last days of July, the number of reservations at campsites has already exceeded the number of reservations for the entire 2021 summer season.

According to the New Brunswick Department of Tourism, there are already at least 60,000 overnight stays booked this year at campgrounds across the province (excluding Nepisiguit and The Anchorage).

For all of 2021—and this time including Nepisiguit and The Anchorage—there were 59,236 campground nights.

At Parlee Beach Provincial Park, the numbers speak for themselves: 9085 people visited the place between July 1 and July 24, 2022, while only 4353 visitors visited during the whole month of July 2021.

According to the observations of Alexandra Mallais, who works at the Parlee Beach campground, many tourists come from Ontario, Quebec and Nova Scotia, but many also come from the United States.

People line up to admire Winston Bronnum's 'World's Largest Lobster' sculpture July 30, 2022 in Shediac, New Brunswick.

It's not just these responders who breathe a sigh of relief after two years of limited travel. The mayor of Shediac, Roger Caissie, is also visibly satisfied.

We couldn't have hoped for better on that side, he told us on Saturday. We hope that Mother Nature will cooperate for the month of August. Usually, yes, even for the month of September!

According to the report by Sarah Déry


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