New carrier offers flights between Toronto and Calgary

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A new carrier offers flights between Toronto and Calgary

The maiden flight of Canada Jetlines departed from Terminal 3 at Pearson Airport on Thursday.

Canada Jetlines' inaugural flight took off Thursday morning between Toronto Pearson Airport and Toronto. #x27;airport in Calgary, Alberta.

The carrier must offer two flights per week between the two cities.

The company is based in Mississauga, a suburb of Toronto. The carrier currently operates an Airbus A320 aircraft and is due to receive another in December.

Canada Jetlines representative Duncan Bureau says the company plans to have routes to the United States within three months and later flights to the Caribbean.

Other smaller Canadian airlines have gone into business or expanded in the past two years.

Flair Airlines of Edmonton has expanded its network and now serves 36 airports. Calgary's Lynx had its maiden flight last spring. In addition, WestJet has had its subsidiary Swoop since 2018.

Canada Jetlines' business model differs from that of discount carriers, however, says Bureau. If your rates are lower than the cost of parking your car at the airport, that's not sustainable, he says. Canada Jetlines is targeting a more affluent clientele, he says.

Mr. Bureau points out that its aircraft contains 174 seats rather than the standard 180, to increase passenger comfort.

Its introductory fare is $99 one-way between Calgary and Toronto, while Flair, for example, offers tickets starting at $49 for an equivalent flight.

Calgary-based independent aviation analyst Rick Erickson explains that the pandemic has put lead in the wing of the major carriers, allowing new airlines to get their hands on unused aircraft at a good price.

[The new companies] who survive will be those with the biggest reserves of money, he says. It usually takes 18 to 24 months before a carrier makes a profit.

With information from La Presse canadienne

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