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New controversy for Freeze Corleone: who is the rapper who attacks Pierre Palmade and Jack Lang?

FREEZE CORLEONE. In his new album, rapper Freeze Corleone attacks comedian Pierre Palmade after the accident he caused last February.

"Death sentence for Pierre Palmade" : Freeze Corleone releases a new album and immediately sparks new controversy. The rapper, who regularly hits the headlines, published this Monday, September 11, his new album called Attack of the Clones, three years after The Phantom Menace. As soon as it appeared, as soon as it was commented on : on social networks, the controversy is growing. In question? One of the songs from the album, Tse Chi Lop, in which he launches : "Death penalty for Pierre Palmade, if possible with techniques that come from Germany or from Mohammed ben Salman (the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, editor's note)", seven months later s the road accident caused by by the comedian.

In terms of controversies, Freeze Corleone is not one of them. his first attempt. His record begins with the voice of a journalist listing the controversies he is involved in. origin. Pierre Palmade is not the only personality à Be cited in the album Attack of the Clones, the rapper also attacks politicians like Gabriel Atal, Gérald Darmanin or even Joe Biden, but also various personalities like  Jack Lang and Roman Polanski, described as "pedocriminals" that it "must be burned" in the song South America.

If Freeze Corleone is used to of this kind of releases, this has earned him several concert cancellations, like at; Rennes last March, or at Nantes where an elected official asks for Nantes town hall and the prefect to ban the Freeze Corleone concert, scheduled for December 1, 2023 at the Zénith in Nantes.

Who is Freeze Corleone? ?

Critics at Against Freeze Corleone and his texts do not date from yesterday, many Internet users are at fault. already have it pinned for racism or anti-Semitism. Né on June 6, 1992 at Lilas in Seine-Saint-Denis, Freeze Corleone, Issa Lorenzo Diakhaté of his real name, carried out his high school in Dakar and lived for some time there. Montreal. He made himself known with his collective, 667, also nicknamed the League of Shadows, which brings together rappers from Lyon, the Paris region and Dakar. 

He released his first album, À the search for daillance, in 2010 and begins to making a place for himself in the French-speaking rap landscape and establishing drill music in 2016. His latest album,La menace fantôme, released in September 2020, exploded with popularity. the counters with 5.2 million streams in 24 hours on Spotify. Drugs, money, conspiracy theories… Freeze Corleone's texts are regularly controversial. But on YouTube, each of his clips attracts hundreds of thousands of curious people, followers or detractors…

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