New emojis include a goose, pink heart and wi-fi symbol


New emojis include a goose, pink heart and wifi symbol

The tentative emoji list for Update 15.0 was revealed on Wednesday by Emojipedia.

At the dawn of World Emoji Day, marked on July 17, Emojipedia has unveiled the provisional list of the next images of this genre to integrate Apple and Android devices.

The Unicode Consortium, which is responsible for approving new emojis, has received sketches of 31 small images that could be part of the upcoming Emoji 15.0 update.

For comparison, Emojipedia had submitted 112 small images to the organization in 2021, and 334 in 2020.

This is the smallest number of new emojis ever recommended by Unicode, confirms on its site Emojipedia, which acts as an encyclopedia of these small images and is responsible for submitting the proposals.

For the first times, there are no new people emojis in this batch, the organization added.

Emojipedia and Unicode have focused heavily on diversity and inclusion in recent years, including multiple skin colors and non-binary people in their collection. For the next series, it's a different tone that is given: we find in particular a vibrating face, a flute, a jellyfish, maracas and a wi-fi symbol (exit the antenna emoji).

Start of the Twitter widget. Skip widget? End of Twitter widget. Back to top of widget?

A hand positioned to tap into another, perfect for a high-five if given binoculars with another hand, is also included in the list. It could also be used to mark a disagreement, for example. It would be offered in all skin tones.

Pale blue, grey, pink… The color palette for hearts also promises to be expanded.

Ginger is expected to enter the food category, as are pea pods.

New animals, such as a goose, a crow, a moose and a donkey, may also appear.

The Unicode Consortium has until September to finalize the list. The images can therefore still undergo modifications, or even be cut, but this is rather rare. The Emoji 5.0 Update is expected to roll out to Android and Apple around Fall 2022 and throughout 2023.


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