New EU sanctions against Russia after a year of war in Ukraine | War in Ukraine

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New EU sanctions against Russia after a year of war in Ukraine | War in Ukraine

A demonstration in solidarity with Ukraine was organized in Hungary to mark the first anniversary of the invasion Russian.

The European Union (EU) on Friday evening approved a new set of sanctions aimed at hitting Russia's economy for its invasion of Ukraine, which began just a year ago, announced the Swedish presidency on its Twitter account.

A year has passed since Russia's brutal and illegal invasion of Ukraine. Today, the EU approved a 10th sanctions package which includes, among other things, stricter restrictions on the export of dual-use technology and goods, targeted restrictive measures against individuals and entities that support the war, spread propaganda or deliver drones used by Russia in the war and measures against Russian disinformation, the Swedish presidency said.

Poland lifted its reservations at the end of the evening without having obtained the hardening of the new set of sanctions considered too soft, too weak by the Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki during his visit to Kiev to deliver the first Leopard 2 combat tanks of manufacture Germany promised by Warsaw.

Poland got nothing, assured several diplomats to AFP. She made a unilateral statement about what she wanted for the next sanctions package, one clarified.

The 10th package of measures notably imposes new restrictions on EU exports to Russia for 11 billion euros and the freezing of the assets of three Russian banks and numerous entities, including Iranian companies, accused of supply drones to Moscow, diplomatic sources said. The list includes 120 names, but remains confidential until its publication in the Official Journal of the EU.

Poland's positioning is criticized by many European delegations because it penalized Europe, which was seen struggling to approve its 10th package of measures against Russia the day the United States and the United Kingdom announced the strengthening of their own sanctions to show their support to Ukraine a year after the start of the Russian invasion.

Poland had already blocked the approval of the 9th sanctions package of the ;EU in December 2022 and Mateusz Morawiecki had waited for a summit of the leaders of the Twenty-Seven in Brussels to lift his reservations.

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