New hit parade of military songs – about the attack on the Crimea and witches' curses (video)

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  • New hit parade of military songs — about the attack on Crimea and witch curses (video)

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  • New hit parade of military songs — about the attack on Crimea and witches' curses (video)

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  • New hit parade of military songs — about the attack on Crimea and witches' curses (video)


  • New hit parade of military songs — about the attack on the Crimea and witches' curses (video)

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  • New hit parade of military songs — about the attack on Crimea and witches' curses (video)

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  • New hit parade of military songs — about the attack on the Crimea and witches' curses (video)

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New hit parade of military songs — about the attack on the Crimea and witches' curses (video)

New hit parade of the brightest wartime songs, sensitively reflecting the change of mood at the front.< /p> Related video

After listening to several dozen compositions of new military songs, we selected five – the most powerful and caused a serious resonance.

Artists sensitively capture the change in the front-line situation and moods in society. If earlier in such tracks the drone “Bayraktar” was sung, the story about sending a “Russian warship” to a known address, or there was talk of “Ukrainian hatred”, now there are compositions about retribution and the recapture of our territories from Russian invaders with a list of Ukrainian cities and even – about the shelling of the Crimea and the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Ukrainian rappers took the first places in terms of popularity. As for singers and female musical groups, in addition to the “witch's curses”, a new topic arose – about the return of Ukrainian refugees home. Despite the relevance of topics in the style of “in the evening in the newspaper – in the morning in the verse”, all the tracks selected by Focus are of a high performing level.

Skofka – Chuti hymn (13 million views)

In just two months, the song by rapper Skofka became a super hit, gaining 13 million views on Youtube. At the beginning of the video, the artist dedicates his song to a childhood friend who died in the war – Valentin Konovodov. The rapper commented under the video: “As long as the anthem is heard in all cities of Ukraine, Ukraine will live! Our people have already shown themselves and are ready to do anything to defend their own. We will definitely stand and win, unfortunately, at the cost of great sacrifices. This track I dedicated it to my friend Valentin Valentinovich Konovodov, a friend from childhood who died defending our Ukraine. Eternal memory is your friend, we will always remember you.”

The clip and the song are very strong and atmospheric. The refrain goes:

“In the sky a little grim is clean

In the sky there is a whistle, a little hymn

In the sky there is muddy smoke

Burn the fox, but a little anthem”.

Then the rapper reminds us that our cause is just, the truth is behind us, which means Victory is inevitable.

“The truth is behind us, that means, we will let village after village

The truth is behind us, that means we will move from the valleys evil”.

Next comes the theme of revenge:

“In the meantime, we will beat you for Azov and Bucha< /em>

For the Dnipro and the steep

For the Irpin, which tormented you

For the doe of the wind

< p>For Kherson, the native land

For Donbas you will get

For Chernigiv, you will inevitably< /p>

For the dreamy fox

For Bogdan Khmelnitsky!

For Frank Ivan!

For Frank Ivan!

І for Sumi, i for temples

ZSU come for you!

Unconditional leader of the hit parade of military songs.

Yarmak ft. Alisa – “Wild Field” (6.1 million views)

The clip and the song “Dike Field” are made in the now fashionable format – hip-hop recitative + female vocals with ethnic notes. Rapper Yarmak recorded a track with singer Alisa Panchuk. The song is dedicated to the defenders of Mariupol:

There is a check on all foreigners here,

Neptune's trident is removed from the Black Sea.< /p>

For ever and ever, the legend is shown,

show your military regiment of Azov”.

Separately, it is necessary to say about the style of the video – it is made in the form of high-quality animation: formidable Cossacks drawn in the spirit of fantasy, the image of Ukraine – in the form of an armed big-eyed girl in drops of blood, in a wreath of poppies – beautiful and unconquered.

“Either not timpani beat, then the heart in the chest

Not in the bells of the laurel, here all the strength is in people

Skulls glow like maces

All orders are buried, for the father is on you”, – Yarmak performs temperamentally, trying to bring a number of his poetic images to a mythological level, depicting Cossack warriors as legendary figures in the vein of Gogol's “Taras Bulba”.

Cool work not only in sound, but also in visual terms. “I drag on that world, the enemy, our wild field”, promises Yarmak.

But as for curses towards enemies, nothing compares to the next track in this respect .

“Enji Kreida” – “Vrazhe” (5.6 million views)

It turned out such a folk witch thing, which is already called the “magic anthem of Ukraine.” The poetess Lyudmila Gorovaya wrote the poem “The Enemy”, which became popular on the Web:

Skіlki in the holy land fell grains of zhit –

styles will be yours

It seems that these lines of the poetess were inspired by a well-known documentary video, when a woman suggested to the Russian occupier to put raw seeds in his pocket so that after his death they would sprout in the form of sunflowers.


Gorova's verse began to be read by actresses and uploaded to Youtube. Then a group from Rivne “Angie Kreid” set the words of the poetess to music, and the result was a hit spell: mystical, bewitching and terrible.

The poetess admitted that she was surprised by such a popularity of the composition to her words, which, first of all, were written under the impression of the published facts of the atrocities of the Russian invaders in Bucha and other occupied Ukrainian territories. However, she preferred the language of poetic metaphor to direct condemnation.

“So I tried to cope with the pain. There was no other way to express my feelings. It turned out that this poem became therapeutic not only for me. Then this incredible song appeared” , — said Lyudmila Gorovaya in an interview with Gromadsky.

Spiv Brativ — maskva (3.5 million views)

The Cherkassy group, consisting of four siblings (Dmitry, Artemy, Antony and Leonty Osychnyukov) continues to burn on the song front. Recall that the Osychnyuk brothers, together with their father Volodymyr, reached the final of the TV show “One Family” on Inter in 2013. In 2015, they became semi-finalists in the show “Ukraine Got Talent”, and in 2016, in the national final of the Global Battle Of The Bands took fourth place.

The war turned out to be a strong source of inspiration for the Cherkasy quartet. More than any other musical group, they embody the principle “in the evening in the newspaper – in the morning in the verse”. But a decent performing gift does not allow them to slide down to the level of chants.

At the same time, according to the work of the Spiv Brativ group, one can have an idea of ​​u200bu200bfront-line events. Here is their track about the missile attack of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the Crimea “After an alarm in Crimea” (561 thousand views) or about the counteroffensive of our forces in the Donbass – “Contrastup” (147 thousand in two weeks). But so far their absolute military hit is a composition about the flooding of the Moskva cruiser by Ukrainian missiles “Neptune”.

Slava Kaminska – “Dodomu” (340 thousand views)

The clip of Slava Kaminskaya, the ex-vocalist of the most popular pop duo “NeAngely”, will certainly gain millions of views, because just a few days after the premiere, he already has more than three hundred thousand of them.

Slava in the song “Dodomu” describes his ordeals in a foreign land with two children – during forced emigration from Ukraine. With her very low timbre (the main feature of “Not Angels”), she curses the war, because of which she ended up abroad:

“As I myself stumbled”

< em>In a foreign land, forever gloomy

Not today, not tomorrow,


Why have you lost your self

Our children in the spring?

Shine youmu in vіchi, bitch,

Youmu in your own vіchi zazirni”.

As described in the comments to the clip, Kaminska first wrote a song in Ukrainian: she is the author of the words and music of the track “Dodomu”. The singer wrote the lines of the future song in the spring in the car when she left from Ukraine with her mother and children due to the Russian invasion.

This is the first musical work of Slava Kaminskaya since February 24.

“Because of the war, creativity seems to have stopped … And everyone fell into their own emotional hole or fell into depression. Every woman experiences longing for her home, a hopelessness of the situation, when it is necessary to leave relatives, friends, your usual life, home and retire hundreds of kilometers in order to save the life of your daughter and son. all the experiences and emotions that women go through, on whose shoulders a burden fell that they did not choose, is difficult to convey in frames. Because you can only live it.”

In the filming of the video, which took place in metro, the singer's children took part – 7-year-old son Leonard and 5-year-old daughter Laura. turn around

Feel the words: turn around home” .